K-Var Celebrates 20 Years In Business In The Firearms Industry

Milestone Marked with Massive Discounts, Deals and Special Offers.

K-Var Firearms New Arrivals
K-Var Firearms New Arrivals

LAS VEGAS, NV –-(Ammoland.com)- The celebration is underway at K-VAR now that the company officially entered its 20th year in business on July 23, 2013.

In honor of this milestone, K-VAR rolled out its black and white logo updating it with a “20.” The logo will be used in several places permanently for the remainder of the year.

Out of appreciation for the company’s loyal customers over the past two decades, K-VAR is also offering several discounts and deals over the next week.

Beginning Tuesday, July 23rd and running through Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 customers will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • 20% off K-VARS top 20 selling items (complete list at www.k-var.com)
  • 20% off all furniture sets
  • Free shipping on rifles (both AK & AR platforms | ground shipping only)
  • Kalashnikov book for $20 w/ purchase of $80 or more
  • Package of 8 aftermarket Bulgarian 30 round magazines for $100
  • Package of 8 aftermarket Bulgarian 40 round magazines for $120

K-VAR Corp. was founded in 1993 – a time when catalogues, telephones and tradeshows were the only way for customers to place orders. The advent of the internet and e-commerce systems changed K-VAR’s blueprint drastically, for the better. The online presence allowed the company to reach more people and at a cheaper cost. Since then, K-VAR has continued to grow.

“What a challenging, yet rewarding and fun road to go down. Finding the right mix of products combined with meeting customer needs has kept me so involved, I’ve lost track of time. I was honestly a little shocked when I realized 20 years had passed,” said the CEO of K-VAR Corp.

Although the current offer to celebrate the company’s 20 years in business expires on the 31st, K-VAR will be introducing other offers throughout the remainder of the year to acknowledge the milestone.

K-VAR Corp. is an online retailer and manufacturer in the firearms industry dedicated to providing superior service to its customers. Founded in 1993, the company is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of quality firearms, parts and accessories.

All parts are brand new, authentic and factory matched for stamped or milled receivers. In conjunction with the famous Kalashnikov pattern, K-VAR Corp. is able to provide a wide range of semi-automatic rifles, shotguns and pistols, as well as the ability to interchange parts with other Kalashnikov variants to suit customer’s needs. The wide variety of parts offered by K-VAR the most optimum and genuine and include the best in best in Bulgarian AK-47and AK-74 (semi-automatic) style part sets, RPK part sets and military stock sets.

Online, K-VAR Corp can be found at www.k-var.com. The company can be reached by phone at (702) 364-8880 or by email at [email protected] Interact with K-VAR Corp. on various Social Media channels including Facebook at www.facebook.com/k-varcorp, Twitter at www.twitter.com/kvarcorp, Google + at https://plus.google.com/100825262728898322532, LinkedIn at www.linkedin.com/company/k-var-corp-, www.instagram.com/kvarcorp, and Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/kvarcorp.