Local Wyoming Gun Control Scheme Targets Children’s Rights

Wyoming Gun Owners
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming –-(Ammoland.com)- The war on freedom is hitting much closer to home, Platte County Wyoming to be exact.

Like you, I am outraged at the actions of President Obama, Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein’s attempt to repeal the Second Amendment.

And just as in Washington D.C. — the control freaks are at work right here in Wyoming.

Remember during the last session when WY state “educators” stormed the capitol in Cheyenne — demanding that our pro-gun legislation was killed in committee?

Well now they are scheming at the “local” level to rob you and me of our God-given rights.

The Platte County School Board and its “Republican Majority” are using “truancy” as a way to strip away constitutionally protected rights.

Wheatland WY Nine Year Old was put on probation.
Wheatland WY Nine Year Old was put on probation.

In Wheatland, WY this 9 year old boy was placed on probation for missing 19 days of school — even though his mother had approved the absent days (sick days and family emergencies) with the school.

Under the probation orders — minor children may not “own” any firearms — and must agree to random urine analysis.

But the state statute reveals this is a misdemeanor and the parents could receive 10 days in jail and/or a $25 fine.

But as if using the same playbook of the Obama administration — the “local control” freaks made truancy their latest crisis, so they could now violate citizen’s rights.

All involved have ignored current law — since one must first be convicted of a “felony” in order to strip rights to posses firearms.

Of course this is how the anti-gun crowd rolls — all the players are in unison with every step maneuvering to crush civil liberties.

To drive their point (control) home, the bad actors will even railroad unsuspecting young children through a system that begins with an overzealous prosecutor, and ends with a heavy handed judge.

But let’s not forget, it all started with the Platte county school board’s policy…“Turn them over to the authorities” they say.

The “elected school board” should be ashamed of themselves — so far not one single school board member has lifted a finger to stop this egregious trampling of parental rights.

If fact, there are a dozen other families lined up to face the same judicial force.

Wheatland family being prosecuted
Wheatland family being prosecuted

Like in this photo of the Wheatland couple challenged with the day to day struggles of caring for their severely handicapped little girl — could now follow the same path and loss of rights.

It seem that in the eyes of the Platte County School Board nothing else matters, not even breathing tubes and stays in critical care that this family has recently endured.

Just as maddening are the “Lawyers” that claim we must remain silent because these children are now “in the judicial system“.

This is the same way the “control-program” rolls in many others states — by treating rights including the Second Amendment with outright contempt.

But we will not be silenced…

Last week I personally attended the school board meeting and witnessed their “appointed-bureaucrat-superintendent” running the show — so now the elected board members need to hear from you!

Did I mention that the Superintendent of Platte County Schools was appointed in 2012. And…that he applied in Wheatland after his former employer, a Minnesota School, failed to renew his contract that same year.

Please contact Platte County Schools today at (307)322-3175 and demand the school board ends this assault on God-given rights.

To Liberty,
Anthony Bouchard
Executive Director
Wyoming Gun Owners

Wyoming Gun Owners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose citizens’ organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms as guaranteed by Article 1 Section 24 of the Wyoming Constitution and the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Wyoming Gun Owners is the only organization taking action at this level–with an aggressive program designed to mobilize public support for pro-gun legislation as well as opposition to gun control. www.wyominggunowners.org

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John the Libertarian

So sorry you have to put up with that…even sorrier you got some of our refuse [a Minnesota resident]…GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS YOU


Really, this is what happens when people don’t pay attention. They don’t go to city council meetings, they don’t research those running for office, they don’t go TALK to those running for office, they don’t pay attention to who’s getting “appointed” to positions. They let things slide to make their own lives less cluttered. All of a sudden they wake up to find out they don’t own themselves anymore! THEN, and only then when it’s almost too late, they begin to whine and complain instead of campaign to THROW THE BUMS OUT! SOMEBODY VOTED THESE GUYS INTO POSITIONS OF POWER!… Read more »


Parents gaining some control over the hiring process for Teachers and Administrators is the only way to turn your local schools around..

Administrators and even the teachers are really veiled to Political appointees selected for their Politics rather then their educational skills.


From the article
“The Platte County School Board and its “Republican Majority” are using “truancy” as a way to strip away constitutionally protected rights.”

And from the Platte County School District policy on compulsory attendance.

Truancy is absence by a student without the knowledge or the permission of parents/guardian or authorized school personnel. The principal will follow the proper procedures as outlined in the Wyoming Education Code concerning compulsory attendance. (ref. Wyoming Education Code 21-4-101-107.

It seems to me they need to read their own policy.


Lawyer up and remove the problem. Note the use of the word “willfully”.


21-4-105. Penalty for failure of parent, guardian or custodian to comply with article.

Any parent, guardian or custodian of any child to whom this article applies who willfully fails, neglects, or refuses to comply with the provisions of this article shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than five dollars ($5.00) nor more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) or by imprisonment in the county jail not more than ten (10) days or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Stu Strickler

We need to clean house, starting with these stupid people!

Annoymous Patriot

Time to clean house. Molon Labe


These NATZIES have gone to far they are using the legal system illegally to turn our children into criminals.There is only one answer for this atrocities. Looks like we need some rope & a noose party this is the only thing these NATZIES understand!

Eric Rearden

In Wyoming? Have half-baked Californians relocated to Wyoming? Last month we read about parents in Europe who had their parental rights revoked because they home-schooled their child. The country’s court upheld this assault on parenthood! But THIS, is un-fricking-American and if a lower court will not put an end to Platte County School Board insanity, then they must be recalled and dumped on their asses. 19 days of parent-excused absences and now the pompous asses tell this young man, a 9 y/o boy, he cannot own a firearm. While they are at it, why not tell this boy he cannot… Read more »


I think you are infested with traitors who deserve a traitors reward.