Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Circus Bus is Coming To Minnesota – But We’re Staying Home

Bloomberg Bus Tour
Bloomberg Bus Tour
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-( Don’t validate them with your presence!
The Bloomberg Astroturf Bus

Tomorrow morning, the Mayor Bloomberg New York Anti-Gun-Rights-Money-Bus is rolling into downtown Minneapolis.

GOCRA is strongly recommending that gun owners stay away from the event. The media would love the opportunity to show conflict, which sells newspapers and detergent commercials.

The anti-gunner bus represents out-of-state money, bringing out-of-state values of disarmament and state control, from the same mayor who brought bans on salt, fat and soft drink bans to New York City.

The Bloomberg/Joyce Foundation crew did their best in the Minnesota Legislature this spring to shove gun control down the throats of Minnesotans, piping in tens of thousands of dollars of out-of-state money, shills, and even a visit from the president of the United States.

In spite of this, we achieved a no-hit shutout: we stopped every rights-gouging proposal they made. They’ve already lost in Minnesota, and if they try it again next year, they’ll lose even more decisively, and take the DFL majority down with them.

This bus tour is an attempt to reignite interest in an issue that’s already been decided here — and one that has lost nearly all steam nationwide.

Our VP, Andrew Rothman, has a degree in journalism, and explained to the board that journalists thrive on conflict: it’s what makes a story “newsworthy.” Without that conflict, this is just some people on a bus, preaching to a small choir.

GOCRA has successfully fought (and won numerous victories) for gun rights for more than 25 years, always following the philosophy pioneered by GOCRA’s founder and president, Professor Joseph E. Olson: ignore the “opposition.” Don’t dignify them with our attention. Let them fester in their own obscurity.

GOCRA has a quarter century of credibility and results in this state, and we’re not handing any of it over to the carpetbaggers from New York by treating their little press event as if it meant anything.

On the other hand, If you want to make a REAL difference for gun rights, take a new shooter to the range — and ask them to sign up with GOCRA.

Thanks for supporting gun rights in Minnesota!

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