Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Control Doesn’t Play Well in Montana

Mayor Bloomberg's Gun Control Doesn't Play Well in Montana
Mayor Bloomberg's Gun Control Doesn't Play Well in Montana
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Montana Shooting Sports Association

Missoula, Mont. –-( Montana gun owners are upset that billionaire New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg would attempt to foist New York-style gun control on the people of Montana.

Bloomberg's captive group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, will be pushing gun control at an affair at the University of Montana today.

MAIG lists three members in Montana, mayors John Engen of Missoula, Sean Becker of Bozeman, and Russell Nelson of Belgrade.  A MAIG stop in Helena on Tuesday drew a very small group of gun control advocates.

Gary Marbut, president of the Montana Shooting Sports Association commented, “Montana gun owners don't appreciate Bloomberg's and his minions attempting to foist their New York culture on Montana. We don't like their effort to deprive us of our heritage.  Although they try to soft-sell it, there's no getting around that they would ultimately like to see a totally disarmed population, with only the military, police, and criminals having guns.”

Marbut points out that MAIG has no proposals targeted at criminals, but is only focused on making access to firearms more difficult for law abiding citizens.

“Under Bloomberg's proposal,” Marbut continued, “a Montana citizen could be sent to prison for giving a firearm to a son or daughter for Christmas, unless that transfer were first recorded in federal computers.”

According to an AP story about the Helena affair, only one law enforcement-related person spoke in favor of Bloomberg's proposal in Helena, a retired police officer from California.  Apparently, nobody asked this retired California officer why he didn't stay in California if he seeks of the level of gun control there.

Speaking about MAIG, the New York Post reports in a July 23rd article that “More than 50 original mayors have quit Bloomberg's anti-gun group.”  Many members of MAIG are reported to have been indicted for or convicted of various corruption charges, causing some informed gun owners to suggest that the group's name should more properly be Illegal Mayors Against Guns..

Montana gun owners will stage a rally at the MAIG event at the University of Montana today to show the outsiders what Montanans think of such foreign gun control schemes.


Additional Information:  Gary Marbut,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, Gun Laws of Montana

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  • 11 thoughts on “Mayor Bloomberg’s Gun Control Doesn’t Play Well in Montana

    1. What makes little sawed-off pricks like Mikey so damned annoying? He’s not going to grow any taller, so why can’t he get over it?

      Come on down to rural Texas and share your anti-2A message Mr. Boomberg. I bet quite a number of patriotic Texas will show up to listen to you. Honest, they will.

    2. Same fracking group that blocked me on ther facebook page for speaking the TRUTH! About themreading the Boston Bomber as a gun violence victim as wel, as other CRIMINALS! Not just innocents like at Sandy Hook, Aurora etc but SHI&BAGS & TERRORISTS TOO? They dont like it when people speak the truth! No more than their Messiah Obama who blocked ticket holding Republican students from his POLITICAL RALLIES RECENTLY!
      im glad that the people of Montana did this frack Bloomturd and his kool- aid drinking minions

    3. bloomberg is anti God, anti gun, anti Constitution, and anti Bill or Rights. I shudder to even think if he were the king of this country. We’d have to kick his bunch of thugs out just like our forefathers did back in the American Revolutionary War, and good riddance. He’s made a lot of money in this country and it’s been good to him, but he hasn’t been good for the country.

    4. It’s unfair to Hitler to be compared to Bloomberg. Hitler was deranged, cruel, devious, genocidal, warmongering and willing to kill anyone who stood in the way of National Socialism.

      On the other hand, Bloomberg is a Democrat. This is much worse and bone chilling. Democrats actually seem to believe that only through total control of the economy, the military and the once-feee individual can true happiness rain down from above on all subjects of the all-powerful state.

      Yes, I know that the distinction is slight, but on a scale of 1-10, I give Adolph a slight, fractional edge on Bloomberg. Why? because he is only a Mayor who wants to rule the country and remake it in his image and likeness — something Obama already believes HE was hired to do. But at least Obama had the courtesy to steal elections and get his Kenyan self installed in the white house before stuffing our Conrtitution and economy down the toilet. Bloomberg thinks that being Mayor of New York gives HIM the authority to destroy individual rights and freedoms on a National scale… Second Amendment be Damned!

      All Hail (Heil) the Democrat Party — the only true overlords of the powerless.

    5. As a native of God’s Country I am proud to see the cold shoulder but there are alot of roads where an axle could become hi centered thus sparing others of the commie symps. Rename it M.A.G.G.O.T. Mayors Against God Guns and Other Things

    6. Why does Montana allow this trash to come into their state at all.They could bust them for trespassing,being a public nuisance,etc.

    7. why dont they just run him out of Montana for trespassing and being a public nuisance.No state has to allow this scum to cross their state lines.

    8. Get the Montana Highway patrol to stop his bus every 5 – 10 miles for a safety inspection and registration check. It would be legal. Then wait for ~50 miles and do it again !

    9. Perhaps, this groups name should be: “Mayors Against Lawful Gun Owners”
      As this seems to be their true agenda, as many articles seem to point out including this one. Not one mention of disarming the criminal element, only making it more difficult or impossible for the law abiding citizen to own firearms for “Any” reason.

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