NRA News Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone | “Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals”

"Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals"
“Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals”
NRA News
NRA News

Fairfax, VA — ( NRA News is a valued partner that continues to cover breaking gun rights news with a new and improved short video format in the “NRA News Minute” videos.

Last week, you saw the preview of this report on New York’s SAFE Act — now here’s the full story on Greg Dean.

He was pulled over for a minor traffic violation and was arrested for having two bullets too many.

The nine bullets for his .40-caliber handgun were two over the limit imposed by the state's new SAFE Act — Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement.

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  • One thought on “NRA News Special Investigative Report From Ginny Simone | “Gov. Cuomo’s SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals”

    1. Gov. Andrew Cuomo, liberal democrat, (of course!)just had to be the first governor to have enacted yet another stuid, ridiculous,meaningless gun control law after the violence in Newtown, Ct. Nobody likes gun violence,especially gun owners because they all know that nitwits like Cuomo and the other usual suspects will crawl out of the woodwork and demand ever more “reasonable restrictions” on gun owners – as if all those other “reasonable restrictions” meant nothing. Andy boy rammed this new law – the NY SAFE Act through the legislature so fast that none of those idiots realized that there are no 7 round magazines (except for the 1911), AND as written law enforcement officers were not exempted, nor were retired officers. So this brain trust said keep the 10 round magazines but put only 7 bullets in them. This is the caliber of people gun owners have to deal with. They are hack politicians who no nothing about guns (obviously)and care only about eliminating private ownership of guns one “reasonable restriction” at a time. Now we have otherwise law-abiding people who are being arrested for having 2 bullets too many in a magazine. The people who write our laws just don’t live in the real world. We can’t just dial 911 and pray the cops arrive in time to save us. Life just doesn’t work that way. Andy has a state police unit guarding him; Obama has the Secret Service and Bloomberg has half a dozen NYPD detectives for his muscle. WE are, in the end, responsible for saving our own butts, regardless of any 10 round rule. However if you live in NYC, it’s a totally assinine 5 round rule. Personally, I think we should just ignore these opy rules. Keep a “legal” magazine around for show, but do what you have to do with the rest.

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