Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Testifies on Chronic Wasting Disease in MO To Legislative Committee

Chronic Wasting Disease
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Testifies on Chronic Wasting Disease in MO To Legislative Committee
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation
Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation

Buffalo, Missouri –-(Ammoland.com)- The test of a true multi-specie organization is to fight for the issues that affect our upland wildlife and help find solutions especially in our home state.

“QUWF was the only multi-specie organization by definition to testify before the Chronic Wasting Disease Legislative Committee at the Capitol seeking solutions for the state’s discovery of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in pen raised cervids (deer and elk)” states Craig Alderman of QUWF.

“Our states’ rich heritage of whitetail hunting can be in total jeopardy and a $1 billion dollar related revenue stream for our state threatened if CWD actions are not formulated now”.

Alderman testified to three recommendations;

  1. That the entire management of whitetail deer, and all cervids raised in, transported out, or purchased and brought in, be under the Missouri Department of Conservation.
  2. That transfer of management would now include the MDC managing the transport and testing of all farm raised deer, not the Department of AG;
  3. Better controls and management needs to be developed concerning CWD and the deer farms especially where CWD has been identified as originating in the state. It was discovered in 2010 in pen deer in MO. and in the wild herd directly around the farm in 2012.

It was testified by experts CWD can take up to 3 to 5 years to incubate in deer and always results in death. Further and most disturbing, CWD seems to be staying in the environment after the diseased deer are removed for what appears to be, at best guess, 3 to 5 years. Healthy Mule deer were re-introduced into areas of CWD contamination 3 years after culling of all deer and they contracted CWD again. It appears not to be a bacteria or germ but some type of inert killer lying in wait. No research to date has been done on this aspect.

“We urge all sportsman to actively get involved with this discussion especially those like myself and other QUWF members or conservationists that have spent decades and untold dollars getting whitetail habitat on their lands brought to levels that sustain and maintain a good wild herd” explains Alderman. “This is an extreme danger that needs to be discussed and dealt with” Craig concludes. There are 1.4 million wild deer in MO and 9100 being raised on farms.”

As of June 2013, QUWF and its local chapters and members have impacted 1.8 million acres of wildlife habitat and it’s chapters spent $107 Million Dollars in their local communities. That is “Turnin-the-Dirt”.

Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc., a tax exempt 501(c)(3) conservation organization, serves its members and chapters nationwide, providing a strong local source of habitat focus on quail and upland wildlife and population recovery. Millions of dollars of habitat work have been completed by its members over the years on millions of acres of both private and public lands, that work continues with a renewed vitality.

Our chapters from coast to coast, provide the grass roots, local habitat work that is making a difference each and every day. For more information or to join QUWF please visit our website at www.quwf.net

  • 4 thoughts on “Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation Testifies on Chronic Wasting Disease in MO To Legislative Committee

    1. I reckon when it reaches 27% prevalence the population of that particular area will go extinct in 48 years. If it jumps the species barrier and is a threat to people and/or billion-dollar livestock, the extinction will happen much faster. I suppose in any case, we will all die a little in this damn war.

    2. Guys,
      CWD is a Prion disease very well documented and studied here in Ill and Wis. A lot of papers have been written from Wyoming too. It is related to Scrapies from Goats and sheep s well as BSE from cattle however the deer disease has not been shown to infect cattle or sheep and vice versa. Sorry to hear it has gotten into Mo. We have it here in N. Ill and where I hunt in Wis. I developed a kit to sample for the disease which Ill still uses, testing is done via electron microscope on brain tissue but antibodies to the prion have (Elisa testing), been used to select samples to use on the electron microscope. The prions can exisit in the soil for some time depending on soil type sandy soil is less able to keep it in the soil than is clay etc. Deer can get the prion from the soil from licking other deer in grooming or from eating contaminated plants or feed. A very sad disease and the treatment appears to be excessive culling in the area. Both Ill and Wis are doing this either by adding more permits or using DNR employees to shoot out of season or both. Not a pleasant situation in any aspect.

    3. I was under the impression CWD was similar to BSE & Scrapie.
      There are caused by prions that can remain in the environment for decades.

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