Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones

Gun Free School Zone
Chicago Setting up Bogus Gun Free School Zones
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Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- Even before Governor Pat Quinn (D) tried to use his “amendatory veto power” to weaken the concealed carry law soon to go into effect throughout Illinois, Mayor Rahm Emanuel had been working behind the scenes to make lawfully carrying a concealed weapon as difficult as possible in Chicago.

Breitbart News first reported on June 26 that Emanuel was trying to set up new gun free zones throughout Chicago. These zones consist of certain streets that school buses travel to get to schools and certain streets that children use to walk to school. The mayor wants them to become new areas which are off-limits for firearm and ammunition possession–even if the firearm in question is possessed by a law-abiding citizen with a concealed carry permit.

This means a parent with a concealed-carry permit who wants to walk their child home to keep him or her safe will be out of luck.

But of course, the criminals who are using firearms to wreak havoc throughout the city will still carry their guns on these “gun free” streets: as they do so, they will know their law-abiding, would-be victims are defenseless. And in time, as violence rises in these areas, gun control proponents will be able to claim that concealed carry failed in Chicago.

Moreover, the hassle of learning which streets concealed carry is legal and where it is not is certain to prove too burdensome for many–thereby reducing the number of Chicagoan residents who bother getting a concealed carry permit to begin with. In turn, this artificially reduced number of concealed carry permit holders will impact the effectiveness of concealed carry in Chicago–giving 2nd Amendment opponents something else to cheer about.

Emanuel has called a special council session on June 17 to push for these “gun free zones,” which he will refer to as “school safety zones.”

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  • 10 thoughts on “Rahm Trying to Circumvent New IL Concealed Carry Law with Bogus Gun Free Zones

    1. Bed wetting Liberal pukes like Rahm are all about circumventing the will of the people to push their own agendas.

    2. ILLinois is indeed ILL…sick in fact. Stinky. I wouldn’t live there for anything, and I feel sorry for the people that do. They’d all be safer living in the Middle East.

    3. They will continue to do everything they can to keep Chicago and Illinois full of crime so they can lord over us.

    4. I think this will only work if the “Safety Zones” are constantly being monitored and checked by police. If that is the case and Rahm plans on stepping up the game by protecting these zones with more police, then it’s a win-win situation. Gangs won’t be able to shoot innocent victims in these zones (at least be stopped quickly enough by police) and law-abiding citizens won’t have to worry about the safety of their own children in these zones.

      Do I think Rahm will step up the patrols and checks for these zones? No! so it will backlash on the law-abiding citizens and the author of this article is correct when they say Chicago will claim that concealed carry didn’t work for them.

    5. These gun-free zones have been in place for years and they have done nothing to stop gun violence. Rahm knows this but he is diluted to think that new zones will be any more effective that the old ones. Smell what your smoking Rahm. There have been more gun deaths in Chicago in the last 8 years than in the Afghan War in the last 10. Gun-free zones don’t work. The only deterrent for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

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