Saving Liberty – Hoplophobes Need Not Apply

by Paul Gallant, Sherry Gallant, & Joanne D. Eisen

Armed Liberty
Armed Liberty
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AmmoLand Gun News

New York –-( Because of political events of the last several months, we expect a huge upsurge of activism, and we expect that fear of government abuse will create a change in the attitude and actions of Americans.

Patriotic Americans will no longer be easily led down the path that traitors in and out of government have set for us.

We, the authors of this article, are equally distressed at the theft of our national heritage as are other patriotic Americans. In our fury, we are almost ready to explode. But we need to wait as long as possible.

We are as armed and as supplied as no other pre-revolutionary movement in the world has ever been. But we are not yet ready for bullets to fly. We have no focus. We have no leader.

We’re getting stronger by the day. Most states have been granting concealed carry licenses at record levels and it has been conservatively estimated by the Government Accountability Office that as of the end of 2012, eight million Americans had licenses. Although one may hear remarks —said only half-jokingly— that Obama has been the consummate gun salesman, his actions prove he is doing far more than simply promoting the sale of firearms.

It’s finally dawning on an increasingly larger segment of our citizenry that “they” really do want to take our guns.

There are talks of toy gun buybacks, and plans for manufacturers to leave their home states. In New Mexico, there was discussion by the Santa Fe City Council about a regulation that would require owners to photograph their grandfathered high capacity magazines, get the photos notarized and keep that document on their person when in possession of that magazine. In New York, a gun-owner was arrested for having 9 rounds in a gun magazine instead of 7, now the legal limit permitted by the SAFE Act, enacted in secret by the NY State legislature, literally in the midnight hours. (NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo subsequently admitted that “there is no such thing as a seven-bullet magazine. That doesn’t exist….”)

Yet, the anti-gun lie persists: “We don’t want to ban your guns.”

The liberal establishment appears to have gone off the deep end from an unreasonable fear and loathing of American civilian possession of firearms. It’s incomprehensible that they have been so manipulated that they no longer feel (or claim to feel) safe around their armed American friends.

They” really don’t want us to keep our weapons. But we will bloody the streets before we relinquish even just one bullet.

This division is not going to get better any time soon. But we cannot permit our own collective anger to force us into a premature violent conflict —another bloody civil war fought in the streets of America.

Our politicians won’t easily give up the “honey pot” of power. Nevertheless, we remain free men and women who will never surrender our individual sovereignty. With that conflict facing us, in order to avoid violence, we need to accrue much more concentrated, united civilian power.

That will enable us to inflict enough damage to the wealth and power of those treacherous politicians of both major political parties who have used every means available to weaken our people and our nation, and to destroy our Constitution.

We need to change the picture from one in which peaceable Americans live in daily fear of what our politicians will do next in order to destroy our country and our liberty, to one in which they fear our ability to remove them from office.

The political backlash from their actions is actually backfiring and helping our culture of freedom to grow. More people are joining us. Across the nation, more ordinary people are anxious to learn the safe handling of firearms. On March 5, 2013, a Boston NPR radio station ran a story entitled “Demand Rises for Mass. Firearms Courses.” The featured a story on July 6 that “Indoor Shooting Ranges Double in Charlotte Area.” There is a renewed interest in our Founding Fathers, the history of our country, and the principles of individual liberty upon which this country was founded.

They said “it can’t happen here.” But increasingly, many of our fellow Americans are just now realizing how close we are to tyranny. It’s no longer about just a piece of the Constitution. Through their unconstitutional and unconscionable actions, politicians are ensuring that millions more Americans understand their rights, and understand how valuable those rights are.

Our politicians and media have trashed the country, and we must change it back to the America in which most of us grew up.

But we must proceed in unity, and with the expectation of victory. We cannot afford to allow ourselves to be split into warring factions while hoplophobes destroy our freedom.

Will our police and armed forces again set innocent children ablaze simply because their parents —peaceable American citizens— own weapons? We need to make it clear that we will not stand idly by while they commit even one more Waco.

They need to understand the consequences of their actions: they have awakened their darkest nightmare.

About the authors:
Dr. Paul Gallant and Dr. Joanne D. Eisen practice optometry and dentistry, respectively, on Long Island, NY, and have collaborated on firearm politics for the past 20 years. They have also collaborated with David B. Kopel since 2000, and are Senior Fellows at the Independence Institute, where Kopel is Research Director. Most recently, Gallant and Eisen have also written with Alan J. Chwick.  Sherry Gallant has been instrumental in the editing of virtually all of the authors’ writings, and is immensely knowledgeable in the area of firearm politics.

Almost all of the co-authored writings of Gallant, Eisen, Kopel and Chwick can be found at, which contains more detailed information about their biographies and writing, and contains hyperlinks to many of their articles. Their recent series focusing on the Arms Trade Treaty can be found primarily at .

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Paul Gallant

PB: Since I am one of the authors, we were referring to the latter. You’re right about the potential adverse consequences of being such a leader, although I don’t think I’d go as far as to say that the lambasting of such a movement would render it useless. I’ve seen a lot of growing anger in the recent past on the part of ordinary Americans, and that can be (or more correctly, HAS TO BE) channeled into positive action for us to gain ground. Unfortunately, I don’t have all the answers, just a good handle on the problems we increasingly… Read more »


Great article with one exception. In terms of leadership, I’m unclear if the authors are talking about the lack of leadership in gov, or lack of leadership in a coordinated effort of the citizens who want to regain liberty. If it is of the latter, I agree there needs to be coordination however, you won’t want a leader. The leader will be smeared and plastered by lame stream media and gov to the point of rendering the movement useless. Organized decentralization.



Paul Gallant

Bill: We are fully aware that 7-round magazines DO exist, however, not for all firearms. I have numerous Glock handguns. Glock does not manufacture a 7-round magazine for any of them (nor had they planned on doing so when I contacted them just after SAFE was passed). This renders many of my family’s self-defense handguns (and some other of our firearms we own) “illegal,” under the SAFE ACT. The statement in our article was made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo (it appears in quotes), and it is hyperlinked. You (and others) might want to read the article on SAFE that the… Read more »

Bill Baker

Well, seven round magazines do exist. Bad quote, often reused. Both of my pistols use seven round mags, not on purpose or because I wouldn’t like more, simply because one is a concealed carry Bersa 380 and the other a Desert Eagle 50 cal and both just happen to use seven round mags. Before you flame, I don’t want anyone else limited, and I carry spare mags which is another thing several states have talked about making illegal. I also open carry and yes own some black rifles with 30+ round mags…