Tannerite Victory Makes Them the Kleenex of Binary Exploding Targets

US Patent and Trademark Office Publishes Iron-Fisted Reissue of Tannerite Sports, LLC Exploding Binary Target Patent.

Tannerite Victory Makes Them the Kleenex of Binary Exploding Targets
Tannerite Sports
Tannerite Sports

Pleasant Hills, OR –-(Ammoland.com)- Tannerite Sports, LLC is proud to announce that its reissue patent has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The reissue patent provides a much broader scope of coverage and protection of their intellectual property. The reissue patent was published on July 23, 2013.

“This is a landmark patent reissue for Tannerite Sports, LLC as well as the entire binary exploding target category. Tannerite Sports developed and marketed the first binary exploding target,” said Dan Tanner, president of Tannerite Sports, LLC.

“Other brands of exploding targets that have come out since Tannerite was first developed are outright imitations. Now, the Tannerite brand is being recognized as truly unique and innovative and so says the United States Patent and Trademark Office.”

Tannerite technical consultant Bruce Broline elaborates: “One driving force behind Tannerite pursuing a patent reissue is that Tannerite, the brand, has been generically referred to as the chemical composition in all binary targets – this is certainly not the case. That’s akin to Band-Aid, Xerox, and Coke being used to describe entire product categories. The reason we need to make this separation between the Tannerite brand and other copycats is that we can’t ensure nor do we trust the performance of their products. Ours are entirely safe when used as instructed and as a shot indicator.

“Tannerite brand targets are formulated from the highest quality raw materials to ensure that they are safe to handle and do not start fires. This cannot be said of many competitors who may use inferior quality raw materials, other incendiary materials, or improper formulations,” continued Broline.

“My ultimate goal was to develop a long range shot indicator that was absolutely safe and could not cause a fire. Tannerite brand targets do just that,” said Tanner.

“If I were that recreational shooter, practicing hunter or military firearms instructor I’d want to know with certainty my targets could not start a fire.

Why would anyone take a risk with one of the other brands?”

Exploding targets are the shooters choice for long-range target practice. Tannerite was the first to come to market with binary (two-part) exploding targets, and continues to manufacture the safest and highest quality exploding targets. Tannerite products are used by hunters, recreational shooters and law enforcement agents to improve their accuracy and more fully enjoy the long-range shooting experience.

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There is only one Tannerite. I have been using it for years, and it never disappoints. Dan Tanner is as good as they come.

Jim M

There are a lot of imitations, but only one Tannerite, besides that, Dan is a great guy..
These are fun, I even mix it and put it in little pill bottles, we all have a blast, literally and figuratively when shooting these, we don’t make them too big, and like I said we make them small even, but they are some of the funnest things you will ever shoot…

Chris in NJ

It’s just good clean and safe fun when used as instructed. I use it to keep the young ones interested. It’s “cool” when a good hit sends a report that you can see and and hear. I always keep some on hand.


Has anyone used this stuff ? Is it worth anything ?