The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina

A review by Richard M. Sanders

The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina
The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina

USA –-( The author’s description of his new book: “‘The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina’ details the history, habits, and habitat of North America’s second most popular game animal and the Southwest’s smallest big game animal.

Included are biological information, hunt methods and tactics, rifle and ammunition choices, and archery suggestions from the nation’s top hunters, game biologists, outfitters, and outdoor writers.”

Okay. That’s nice. But what’s the book about and why was it written?

While I’ve known Gayne for more than 10 years, have hunted with him several times and spend time with him at the Dallas Safari Club show each year and talk via phone weekly, Gayne, I have to say, is sometimes a bit off the wall.

Consider his penchant for hunting in the hottest, nastiest, humid areas in the world while scoffing at a nice pheasant hunt in the cool clean air in the Dakotas. Gayne would rather hunt in the heat of the Amazon jungles where all manner of deadly critters from scorpions to snakes can bite your backside and inflict horrible consequences.

For all his quirkiness, I have to say that Gayne in an excellent young writer. He is at the forefront of outdoor excellence today. He knows his craft. He’s humorous and a bit of a satirist. Gayne has a degree in history so all of his articles and books are thoroughly researched and backed up by indisputable historic facts and figures. If Gayne writes words in a book, you know they are the truth, all based on fact and history. That’s what makes reading Gayne so interesting.

Gayne doesn’t write the stereotypical story about “me and Bob went deer hunting” or “how I killed the buck of a lifetime.” His writing style is crisp and fresh and free of the old-time outdoor writer “hackisms.” He paints word pictures about the subject that are a joy to read, while educating the reader at the same time. Think history and fun when reading Gayne.

Regarding quirkiness, it would only make sense that Gayne would author this book on wild hogs and javelina because, well, they are kind of off the wall in the big game category–just like Gayne. But make no mistake, after reading “The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina” you will be informationally and historically enriched. And ready to go kill some porkers.

So I asked Gayne, “Why a book on mangy old wild pigs?”

And he told me, “I think they’re neat. They can be formidable adversaries when encountered up close and personal. And besides nobody else has ever written a book about wild hogs. How many boring whitetail deer books are out there?”

Good point. Thousands of the latter and all with a sameness that makes you wish you hadn’t bought the latest guide to deer hunting.

Gayne tells me there are 5 to 6 million wild hogs in the US. Fifty percent of them live in Gayne’s native Texas. They inflict millions and millions of dollars of agricultural damage every year–to the point that the state of Texas is going to pay hunters to come down and kill them! There’s another good reason why Gayne wrote this book.

And you’re in luck because “The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina” is available now in Kindle format so you can read and harvest all of the knowledge that Gayne has gathered over his hunting career, plus that which he uncovered during his tireless research for this book.

What you’re going to learn:

  • • Science of wild hogs
  • • Origin of wild hogs (some Spanish, some Russian, some domestic, and the intermingled)
  • • Biology (wild hogs are breeding fast–the hands-down champions of wild procreation)
  • • Behavior of wild hogs (mostly devious, destructive and oft dangerous)
  • • Weapons (everything from rifles to shotguns to archery gear to bang sticks to knives to spears to pig stickers for the really brave)
  • • Hunting techniques (where and when and what time of day and how)
  • • Hunting gear for wild hogs (what to take in way of lights, shooting sticks, gun cases, backpacks, camo, binos, blinds and stands)
  • • Butchering wild hogs
  • • Wild hog trophy mounts (taxidermy)
  • • Wild hog leather (as strange as it may sound, wild hogs make wonderful leather)

• Stuff that will get ya’ while hunting wild hogs (poisonous snakes, bugs, thorns, assorted fevers. It’s all here with best medical advice on how to get over whatever got ya’. Valuable stuff)

• Where to hunt wild hogs (this is specially useful because Gayne lays out a state by state, outfitter by outfitter contact list with names, addresses and phone numbers to make it easy for any would-be wild hog hunting luminary to succeed at the sport)

This is about as complete a book as I have ever read about hunting any wild game animal. I wish someone had written a similar book about elk hunting before I wore my knees out hunting those fools for 40 years!

Wild hog hunting presents a tremendous opportunity to any outdoorsman or woman, or child for that matter, who wants to hunt year around. There is no season on wild hogs. There’s no limit. There are lots of them. And farmers and ranchers universally hate them!

So download Gayne’s excellent “The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina,” read it once and then read it again and then make plans to lay waste to the wild porcine population. Wild hog hunting is just a kick. And if you smack a few smaller ones, say 150 to 200 lbs., the meat is excellent, totally different than domestic pork, but every bit as good if not better.

I predict that the Ranchers Association of Texas will be honoring Gayne C. Young in the near future for his contributions to profitable ranching and farming. This book has tremendous potential to make a very positive impact.

About ‘The Complete Guide to Hunting Wild Boar and Javelina’
Priced at $9.99 (4 percent of all sales are being contributed by the author to the Dallas Safari Club), this new 147-page book is available in Kindle format and downloadable from Amazon at the link below:

About Gayne C. Young
A columnist for and feature contributor to “Outdoor Life” and “Sporting Classics” magazines, Young also is a field editor for Game Trails Online, the official online magazine of the Dallas Safari Club, and the author of the Texas Safari book series. His work has appeared in “Petersen’s Hunting,” “Texas Sporting Journal,” “Sports Afield,” “Gray’s Sporting Journal,” “Under Wild Skies,” “Hunter’s Horn,” “Spearfishing” and many others. In January 2011, Young became the first American outdoor writer to interview Russian Prime Minister and former Russian President Vladimir Putin.