The Latest From The Archery Industry On The Velocitip System

The Velocitip System is a versatile tool being used by archery industry professionals and pro shops.

Full Flight Technology Velocitip System
The Latest From The Archery Industry On The Velocitip System
Full Flight Technology
Full Flight Technology

Cambridge, MA – -(  Today’s archers are constantly looking for the latest and greatest bow, rest or arrow because archery is changing at a lightning fast pace and every archer wants an edge.

These bowhunters and target archers are also willing to pay for expert advice from pro shop owners via archery lessons and bow tuning. These archers are now paying to have their bow tested and tuned with the Velocitip System.

Business-minded pro shops are always looking for ways to separate themselves from the competition and increase their bottom line. Pro shops can do both with the Velocitip System. They are charging customers to have their bows tested and tuned using the system. Besides the added revenue, pro shops also demonstrate their mastery of the very latest technology with the Velocitip System. Customers go home with technical data about their setup that they cannot get anywhere else.

David Strayer from DropTine Archery in Allenwod, PA had this to say about the Velocitip System.

“Technology is constantly changing regarding bows, sights, rests, etc. If a pro-shop wants to remain on the cutting edge, they must recognize that technology in the area of tracking arrow flight, speed and kinetic energy has also improved. We must keep pace with our field and supply our customers with the best that technology has to offer. I feel Velocitip is the technology of today and the future! In addition, most shops have a chronograph and charge a fee to shoot through it.”

“How much better to have someone pay to get real time vital information about that speed, like kinetic energy, velocity at impact and arrow trajectory to name a few. We have seen firsthand: the customers will pay for technology and the Velocitip is no exception.”

Hardcore archers who enjoy using traditional archery equipment are also finding out that the Velocitip System can help them.

“New technology usually doesn’t affect a traditional archer, but I’m really excited about the Velocitip. As archers discover more about the information Velocitip teaches them about how their arrows perform, the entire archery community will be as excited as I am,” Byron Ferguson said.

Traditional archers are constantly adjusting their bows, arrows and broadheads. With the Velocitip System, traditional archers can really learn the arrow/vane/broadhead combination delivering the best arrow flight and most downrange energy from their bow. The state-of-the-art Velocitip System helps any traditional archers take their game to the next level.

Industry insiders are also finding the Velocitip System to be a useful tool. Here is what Rick Mowery of the Bohning Company, makers of the popular Blazer vane, had to say.

“The Velocitip from Full Flight Technology gives archers an in-depth look at the flight characteristics of their arrows. From shot to impact, the Velocitip gives archers the information they need to make effective and informed adjustments to their arrow flight. It is an invaluable last step in the bow tuning process.”

The Velocitip System is an electronic archery tuning device. It is the first system that provides archers with immediate feedback about their archery setup at the bow and at the target. The system features innovative microelectronic technology housed in a ruggedized 100-grain field point. It fits any arrow shaft using a conventional threaded insert. The electronics activate when the arrow leaves the bow and when it strikes the target while measuring arrow performance more than a thousand times in between.

The Velocitip System is the perfect performance testing device for manufacturers, competitive shooters and bowhunters. The system provides the information needed to deliver flat, consistent arrow flight, maximum accuracy and downrange force. No other system delivers precise trajectory, retained energy, speed, kinetic energy, momentum, time-of-flight and arrow drag.

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