This Week on Winchester Deadly Passion: Double Trouble for Gators

Winchester Deadly Passion, host Melissa Bachman huntin Gators
Winchester Deadly Passion, host Melissa Bachman huntin Gators
Winchester Deadly Passion
Winchester Deadly Passion

Minnetonka, MN –-( This week on Winchester Deadly Passion, host Melissa Bachman shares her new found passion for gator hunting with her brother, Aaron, and has him hunt in the swamps of South Carolina while she tries her skills in Florida.

The siblings find their marks, but who lands the bigger monster gator? Tune in on the Pursuit Channel on Tuesdays at 6:30 am, Wednesdays at 1:30 pm and Sunday at 7:30 pm ET. Catch a preview of the show

Melissa heads to Florida for her first gator hunt in the Sunshine state where it’s just as productive to hunt during the day as at night.

“With daylight, you can glass the area looking for monster territorial gators who find shade along the banks. And once you spot them, they typically stay in that area so you can find them again at night,” said Melissa.

She finds one gator and tries with her rifle to get him, but her shot was too low. But Melissa doesn’t worry as she knows nighttime is her friend.

Meanwhile, Melissa sent her brother, Aaron, to South Carolina for his first ever gator hunt and he’s just isn’t sure what to make of it.

“I was a little nervous. Here I am going to a slew at night filled with alligator that can easily harm me. Good thing I’ve been bowfishing at night so I have some experience. But I know this is a whole new level,” said Aaron.

Tune in to see if Melissa and Aaron each get their gators and which sibling has bragging rights on landing the largest gator either of them has seen to date.

Winchester’s Deadly Passion is 13-weeks of non-stop action and pure entertainment as host Melissa Bachman travels the country going face to face with everything from world-class bear to 1,000-pound gators to Boone and Crockett whitetails. The show will keep you on the edge of your seat with hardcore hunting mixed with Melissa’s genuine and fun-loving personality. Her passion for hunting started at a young age and has continued to grow. Melissa is the real deal when it comes to hunting, but her personality is what will bring you back time and time again. She’s having fun doing what she loves, and it shows. This is one girl with a Deadly Passion.

Learn more about Winchester’s Deadly Passion at Facebook.Com/DeadlyPassionMelissaBachman.

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Jim Olsen

How do I get an autographed picture of Melissa Bachman? Going to order her season 1 dvd in the morning but there are no photos in the store.