Trapping – Our Oldest Outdoor Tradition Constantly Under Attack

Still Under Attack – Still Needs All Sportsmen’s Support.

Leg Hold Trap
Leg Hold Trap
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

Columbus, OH –-( As Benjamin Franklin said before the signing of the Declaration of Independence;

“We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

This could certainly be the mantra for what is our oldest outdoor heritage – trapping.

No other outdoor pursuit has been as sensationalized as trapping, nor has any other pursuit had as much misinformation [lies] surround it. With trapper numbers at best static, it has and will continue to be a prime target for the animal rights lobby.

So before making a decision about the sport, here are some facts to keep in mind:

  • Trapping is our first and foremost traditional outdoor sport, having been the impetus for the opening of the new world
  • Foothold traps are a vital and humane tool for wildlife management
  • State wildlife agency biologists – the same people who have led the resurgence of a variety of wildlife we now enjoy – support trapping and see it as a necessary tool for managing furbearers
  • Trapping has proven to be a critical element in the prevalence of waterfowl populations
  • Wildlife managers also see it as extremely important in protecting the public from outbreaks of diseases such as rabies.

Of course, the animal rights lobby continues to spread an abundance of misinformation about trapping in an effort to end what, in its opinion, is an inhumane tradition.

All you have to do is read the rhetoric produced by some animal rights groups such as those comments posted recently on an USSA article regarding America’s top 10 threats to trapping after a twitter post by the group Born Free USA.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the number one anti-hunting and anti-trapping group in the nation, is often the forerunner behind anti-trapping legislation. HSUS has attempted to ban foothold traps, but doesn’t just stop there. HSUS has made it clear it seeks an “outright prohibition on all body-gripping traps due to the inherent cruelty of the devices.”

The Animal Protection Institute encourages people to prohibit trapping on their land, boycott businesses that sell fur, support trapping bans and encourage non-lethal wildlife controls.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is famous for its many stunts held to protest trapping and the wearing of fur including naked women in cages, throwing fake blood on fur coats, and protesting outside of operas and other higher profile events.

Even more disturbing, is the fact that some sportsmen have developed the attitude that trapping is a disposable part of our outdoor heritage.

This type of short-term thinking is the result of not understanding the foes to all hunting, fishing, and trapping. It is nothing short of ignorant to think that a ban on trapping would not affect all sportsmen and women and that if the anti’s are handed trapping on a platter, that they will let other sportsmen alone.

During my 18 years at the USSA, I have witnessed in states such as Massachusetts, that once the anti’s stop trapping, they continue to work even harder to destroy other parts of our heritage. Add Colorado, California, New Jersey, Florida and other states to that list.

Believe me, if all trapping were banned tomorrow, the animal rights lobby would NOT  just roll up their tents and head home. They would focus on other aspects of our outdoor heritage. Hunting with hounds, bear hunting, and even fishing are already the next traditions in the antis crosshairs, but they would be encouraged to continue with an even greater assault on these and other sports if trapping were lost.

Sportsmen must understand that if any one of our traditions is sacrificed, other parts of our hunting heritage will surely fall, as well.

We should and must continue to solidify our defenses, stand shoulder to shoulder, and support each other regardless of whether we trap, shoot, fish, or hunt.

-Doug Jeanneret, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Vice President of Marketing

About:The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen’s organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit

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Anyone know where is a good place or site to buy a large quantity of the leg traps as shown at the top? My parents purchased a large tract of land last year adjoining state land that has a lot of lynx and other fur bearers sign, especially tracks in the snow that I found last year while snow machining through the land. I definitely want to get started with trapping and can set a large number of traps through the property and the state land since I’m up there quite often.


Stephanie, Thank you, thank you for being the typical hateful anti that you know in your heart you are and you must hate yourself as much as you do the rest of humanity and ‘God’. Once again another POS save the animals DB has nothing but hate and insults when confronted with the truth about trapping. Got to hand it to trappers and hunters, we have the higher moral ground don’t get drawn down to the level of these trolls.

Harpya Orkinus

My biggest regret is that when the time comes to bring in a little R & D (Retribution & Deterrence), I won’t have the luxury of being able to slowly torture MY innocent victims to death, as part of my hominid management plan. For logistical reasons, they’ll all have to be taken out swiftly and silently – skills I have in abundance. By the way, my name, for all you ecological ignorati out there means:”Harpya” – “the snatching thing,” from Harpy Eagle and “Orkinus” – “Bringer of Death” from the Killer Whale. The ONLY cure for the bite of the… Read more »

Stephanie Thigpin

Sandy, you (comment removed ****PERSONAL ATTACKS NOT ALLOWED**), the only animals that are overpopulated are HUMANS! And ‘God’ will not be pleased with you cretins murdering his creations. “thou shalt not kill” did not just specify the knuckle dragging un-evolved human beast. Go cull your trapper trash with you(comment removed ****PERSONAL ATTACKS NOT ALLOWED** 2nd Warning, you will be banned)


The anti side only has emotional, “please don’t hurt the poor animal” arguments. The truth is trapping is much more humane than mother nature who is a cruel bitch by our “humane” standards. Anyone that would rather see animals starve to death from over population or disease or see entire species wiped out because they would rather feel good about not managing game through trapping is doing a disservice to all of nature and humanity. Shame on you antis, may god have mercy on your souls.

Bill Baker

Libs: I assume your all actually the same person just making alt posts to show how proud and how good of people you are. ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’ is a phrase that could easily apply to your speaking here as well. Like a rightie going to a homosexual web site (yours I assume) would have no luck in changing minds there, your cries will change no ones mind here. So get over yourselves and go bake your husbands some cookies. Unless your computers are in the kitchen, your being here is proof of your spousal abuse… Read more »

Bill Baker

@trolls: I assume most these anti posts are the same person registering multiple fakes. ‘Just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ is a phrase that could apply to you as well. Just because you have the right to open your clap traps, doesn’t mean you should.
But for you guys, I just want you to know how much I love you, since Jesus doesn’t.

Stephanie Thigpin

The immorality of trappers never ceases to disgust and horrify me, they are uneducated IMBECILES, slobbering, contemptible human waste. I cannot believe our government still allows this barbarity!It will end, this abject cruelty does not belong in the 21st century!

Francisca Huertas

I like how someone was called a hippy. No way is this humane at all. I honestly rather get shot straight in the brain/quickly killed than step into a metal trap from hell and suffer for who knows how long. So…some of you need to rethink a few things, or if you were brought up with smart parents whom had taught you “put yourself in the other persons shoes”. Regardless of the wording, put yourself in the place of a wander animal, who just became a victim for reasons beyond any of us. WHO IS TO SAY YOU HAVE THAT… Read more »

Bill Baker

Lol Robin. I’m curious, I have read a lot of history in a lot of countries, and I have seen some where Wife Beating was epidemic and very common. But I have never seen a country where there was a ‘tradition’ of wife beating. I’m curious, can you name your source? Did the ancient Sumerians set aside October 18th as the moon was at its high point for everyone to slap their wife around? I assume from your post that you are actually a liberal PETA whack job, but you did make me laugh. Epic lies do that in politics.… Read more »

Flaminia Zeman

I find the human race one of the most invasive and destructive species on Earth. Perhaps they could benefit from unsuspectingly being “managed” by some of the “humane” contraptions you have pictured at the beginning of your article. According to much research I’ve read wild goats, deer and most species will self regulate and manage less successful pregnancies & births if food becomes scarce or conditions unfavorable.
Well said Pilar – Unfortunately even if it was in English I doubt it would be understood here.


Damn Robin, all those people in the really cold areas of this planet who usually wear some fur items must really be callous, vain, superficial and selfish. Fur is still one of the best protection against the cold.

To me it depends on the type of trap. If they’re checked regularly and in decent intervals (not like once a week), then okay. I’d have them take the fur from animals in the wild rather than farming them in too small cages and similar unnecessary cruel stuff.

Robin Cornell

Slavery and wife-beating were also once traditions.Is every tradition worth keeping? It’s kinda funny that the only animals trapped are the ones whose pelts are worth money in the fur trade. I wonder why squirrels and rabbits don’t have to be trapped to control their numbers. Wearing fur says you’re callous, vain, superficial and selfish.


I wonder if you’d love your heartless traps so much if one of your children lost a foot in it. I have the feeling you wouldn’t care.


Trapping is an efficient way to manage game animals. (or invasive animals like cats)

Snares and conibear kill quickly and efficiently, why leg hold held animals experience numbness and quickly settle down making them easy to kill.

But no amount of me or any one else repeating these facts will change the preservationists from pursuing the blind agendas.



It is because conservationist hunter’s respect and care for animal life that we even have any today.

If it were not for hunting and trapping funding ALL, and I mean every last dime of our successful conservation efforts we would have nothing but stray cats in the woods today. What is humane about that.

Your refusal to acknowledge that trapping efforts by hunters has been the back bone of waterfowl and wild bird restoration success is just more proof of the ignorance by progressives of the scientific facts behind successful trapping efforts.


You don’t have to be a hippy to be a person who loves and respects all life. That’s just called being a decent human being unlike yourselves.


Well first off I find it ridiculous you call trapping a sport. Can you please explain how trapping is humane? An animal gets caught in it. Whether it be their foot or paw they are immediately in agony and try to even chew through there leg or arm. How is it humane to wait around in pain for a uncompassionate person to find them or die of starvation or thirst while waiting for said person..and then I’m sure that person shows them some love and respect. Not! So please tell me how your “sport” is humane and how are their… Read more »


Ashley, I bet you support trap and neuter for cats and still believe in global warming, you dirty hippy.


@Ashley; you are the perfect example of the point of this article, rather than looking at the scientific facts you jump right to the name calling. Trapping is an efficient humane way to manage for conservation animals like varmints that are not hunted by other means. The ignorance of your side and it wholesale destruction of the conservation movement has now become the shame of America.

Ashley Bachman

You are worthless to the human race. Do you know how bad you look. Showing this metal contraption, that looks like it belong in a horror movie, and crying over your right to use it. Be better than that. Think to yourself, would you want to be in that trap. Do unto others what you would want do unto you.