US Bank Corp Tells Customers NO Concealed Carry At Their Banks

US Bank Corp No to Self Defense
US Bank Corp Tells Customers No Concealed Carry At Their Banks
Wisconsin Carry
Wisconsin Carry

Wisconsin –-( Greetings in Freedom,

US Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in the Midwest.  Most major banks have chosen NOT to post to prohibit carry.

Not-withstanding that you can be a victim of a crime anywhere, anytime.  Most banks realize that many customers may be coming and going from the bank carrying large amounts of cash.

For this reason, prohibiting carry would place their customers in a precarious situation because surely criminals planning on robbery would seek out banks that, by policy, disarm their customers and give criminals easy targets.

There are some smaller local banks in some areas that choose to post signs prohibiting carry.

US Bank however does NOT post signs informing their customers that they prohibit carry, but instead, they will mail a letter to customers who they THINK may be carrying in their branches.  This past week, a Wisconsin Carry member and concealed carry license holder received the following letter from US Bank after he visited his local branch where he is an account holder:

The letter states: “US Bank learned that you MAY HAVE carried a weapon on to US Bank premises”

It continues:  “US Bank Policy states that “The possession of weapons is prohibited on US Bank premises.  Accordingly, please refrain from bringing any weapon onto US Bank premises in the future. FURTHER ACTION will be taken if a US Bank employee observes or learns that you OR ANY OTHER CUSTOMER is in possession of a weapon on US Bank premises”

Wisconsin Carry recognizes that there are many factors that go into your decisions of which banking institutions to patronize.  Because of the threat of ‘further action’ against anyone US Bank “observes or learns” possessed a weapon on US Bank premises AND the fact that US Bank DOES NOT OFFER YOU THE COURTESY of posting signs so that you do not expose yourself to “further action” from the bank.

Wisconsin Carry Inc feels its our duty to inform our membership that they risk “further action” from US Bank if they carry onto US Bank premises.

If you are a patron of US Bank, we encourage you to let your local branch manager AND US Bank corporate know of your displeasure with their policy.

By mail you may write a letter to US Bank corporate:

The Office of the Corporate Secretary
U.S. Bancorp
800 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55402-4302

If you use facebook, we encourage you to express your opinion on US Bank’s facebook page:

Lastly, this US Bank policy and MANY other topics INCLUDING the George Zimmerman trial in Florida, will be a topic on my LIVE radio program “Well Armed Radio” this Sunday night at 8pm central time.  You are invited to tune in and call in to participate!

The show can be accessed via the following link:–sunday-july-14

Carry on!

Nik Clark
Chairman/President – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.
[email protected]

Host of “Well Armed Radio” Sunday night 8pm Central
[email protected]
Live Show call in #: 646-716-8739

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Not a Gun toting Redneck

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.


The phone number shown for the Corporate Security Department is the same one listed for an automotive dealership in Wisconsin. The letter has no return address. There is no email address. The letter is signed by a corporate security fraud investigator. Does this strike no one else as “phishy”?


I’m a Jujitsu expert…so it’s fair to say that my entire body is a weapon. Regardless, I carry at least one, sometimes 2 pistols and find it asinine US bank hustlers order their patrons to disarm on bank premises. I can understand them denying open carry, but denying concealed carry can’t be justified. Someone in management has their head stuck up their ass and apology letters should be sent out, forthwith!


They’re going to have to define “weapon”. I know how to use a pen to injure or kill, and they have them right there on the counters!


Well obviously US Bank has made their feelings and their disdain known to those who take responsibility for their safety and the safety of their families. I would not darken their door with my presence for any reason. If they indeed have not posted their stance then they are trying to play both sides and are cowards. Let them eat cake


If they are not posted, then you can legally carry there. I’d suggest open carrying in their bank until they say something, and then proceed to close your account if they ask you to disarm or leave.


@Made Boi —

I carry a casually concealed gun, not a hidden gun. Even so, in the last 8 years, I am aware of only being “made” twice: once by a retired MP and once by a Blackwater operator. That does not make me a moron.


SO the squeeze continues. I did not know this until this article. I will be shopping for a new bank. The problem is that it’s just not about guns, its about homosexuality, race, and other issues, left right, Dem, Repub, where does it stop? I am glad that this earth is not my eternal home!

Made Boi

How did he get made? Sounds like a moron carrying boi.


when you talk to the us bank manager…first words should be I want to close all my accounts and I will never step onto your property again..for your are anti freedom and anti STATE law…thank you now go get my cashier check…..imho


In SC, if the sign is not in an exact place, size, and about a dozen other things, it is null and void and no one with a permit has to obey it. Now if someone comes in to rob the bank,they are not going to have a concealed weapon permit, anyway. You still always have to have a permit, no matter what.

john carr

Anyone that banks at US BANK for any reason should lose their money. US BANK has been dishonest from the get-go.


If My gun is not welcome, then neither am I. Wont be banking at US Bank. If all banks follow suit then I will keep my money in a shoe box, I can protect it better anyway.

They’re setting citizens up to steal all there money anyway with all this cyber attach bull. Its just a way for them to steal!!!