Youth Trapper Takes First Wisconsin Wolf

Youth Trapper Takes First Wisconsin Wolf
Youth Trapper Takes First Wisconsin Wolf
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

Columbus, OH –-( When 14 year old Maegan Loka learned that a Wisconsin Wolf tag, for the inaugural season, was going to be donated to her over the phone, she was so surprised that she had to take a deep breath before exclaiming “yes!”

As the President of the Future Trappers of Wisconsin, and the youngest youth member of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, Loka is not a novice when it comes to the sport of trapping. However, a wolf tag in Wisconsin is not easy to come by, so Loka knew she had to jump on the opportunity.

“I knew exactly where I wanted to set my traps,” explained Loka. “I dyed and waxed my #3 Bridger traps that I had won at the 2012 Wisconsin Trapper’s Association Spring Banquet, and on opening day my dad picked me up to take me out to set four traps.”

She set four more traps over the course of the next two days. Loka and her family went out after school on the third day to check the eight traps she had placed using dirt hole sets.

“When we drove up to the second set I could see something moving. I about climbed over the front seat of the truck to see what it was.” said Loka. “Before my dad could turn the truck off, I was already out the door. I was so excited! I harvested a wolf!”

Loka was the first individual to take a gray wolf after the delisting of the Greater Western Wolves from the endangered species list.

“I learned a quote in class…“What you learned here is not yours to keep—it’s only yours to share,” said Loka. “I really believe in this and I am going to pass on what I have learned to others.”

All of us need to heed that very good advice from this very young person!

Western Great Lakes Wolves History
The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF) and our partners have worked hard over the past five years to have wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin removed from the Endangered Species list.

In response to a petition from USSAF and our partners, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) announced in January 2012 that gray wolf populations in the Western Great Lakes region had exceeded recovery goals and should no longer be protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). This move returned wolves to state management in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and some portions of adjoining states.

This move opened the door for the first wolf hunting and trapping seasons which NAME took full advantage of. USSAF and our partners continue to fight to protect sportsmen and women from legal battles brought by anti-hunting groups looking to put wolves back under federal protection.

About:The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen's organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit

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    1. I believe I did use generally accepted facts to argue with you, you imbecile. Did you know we pay a federal excise tax on all of our sporting goods purchases that fund federal wildlife lands and the EPA? Also, take for instance my state of NY, our licenses directly pay for the conservation fund, which pays for environmental accidents such as oil spill clean ups. Hopefully, some day soon your type will realize that because something is your opinion doesn’t make it right for everyone else. Now go eat your humus and have a frosty glass of soy milk before you lay you head down in that house that didn’t displace any wildlife and don’t worry chick peas always grew in those fields…. no animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

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      @the child: if you truly believe we are such cowards, I have posted my email address on the post about 3d guns and you may email me directly to get my home address where you can come to discuss this in person. I love you. Hugs and kisses.

    5. Humans have been around for about 75,000 years and not hunting is a new experiment so if you’re so keen on natural state of being and wildlife why are you against people doing something we have done for the entire existence of our species? Moreover, do you live in a house/apartment? Do you eat food from a super market or are you totally self sufficient? Don’t worry no animals were harmed or displaced for you to live your lifestyle. One more do you have K9’s(incisors) or did you grind those down to make mouth breathing easier?

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    8. Before you condemn hunting and trapping, take a course in wildlife management. Sportsman’s dollars pay for habitat preservation. Not everyone wants new condos. Until the whiners pay up, they should shut up.

    9. Do farmers kill the corn when they harvest it?Hunters pay ALL of the conservation money to protect animal habitat and harvest tags,It’s all for the control of herd sizes and to avoid starvation and disease.Hunters grow game.Get over it,what do you do but get hysterical over something you don’t understand.”THEY’RE KILLIN THE CORN,THE’RE KILLIN THE CORN”

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    17. “have to be culled to keep them from harming people” – lets see, there will be 11 BILLION humans in the next decade and how many billion wolves? We encroach their land and expect that its our right to kill? Why don’t you people hunt without any weapons? What a bunch of coward idiots!

    18. Every spring on Decker Flats when the snow melts the rib cages of elk that starved in the winter show. This is because of the herds are too large for the food supply. This is due to bleeding heart liberals stopping the culling of the heards since they have no thinning from wolf packs. This is where hunting and trapping help. People who hunt are doing so for the food. Slow starvation is much more agonizing the a bullet or a trap.

    19. Trapping is not illegal or heartless. Wolves don’t have predators and have to be culled to keep them from harming people. Of course gun grabbers are not into protecting anyone but criminals. Hunting will give this girl more confidence, with guns, than a whole life of shooting at paper can do.

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