Arkansas School District Arms Teachers at Parents’ Urging

Armed Teacher Training
Arkansas School District Arms Teachers at Parents’ Urging
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Washington DC – -( A school district in Clarksville, Arkansas, has decided to arm their teachers after receiving a slew of calls from parents concerned that their children are in school with no means of protection.

The Associated Press reports the district anticipates 20 armed employees carrying concealed firearms when the fall semester begins.

The district is availing itself of a “little-known Arkansas law that allows licensed, armed security guards on campus.” Teachers and other school employees will qualify as guards once they go through a 53-hour training course.

Clarksville Superintendent David Hopkins said the amount of calls he received left him no choice but to agree to arming teachers in his district. He said the calls began coming in shortly after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and eventually turned into “a flood” of requests for him to act.

Arkansas Education Commissioner Tom Kimbrell opposes arming teachers and school employees, preferring to hire law enforcement officers instead.

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“Amount” of calls….? Better study your English grammar.

Otherwise, this article is wonderful, just what all our schools need. The children need defending! Kuddos to Arkansas for its common sense and love for children!!


Now we need the rest of the school’s in the us, to do it too.