Arkansas School Posts Armed Teacher Warning Signs, Defying AR Attorney General

Arkansas School Posts Armed Teacher Warning Signs
Arkansas School Posts Armed Teacher Warning Signs
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Arkansas –-( Two weeks after the attorney general of Arkansas, Dustin McDaniel, forbid the state’s school districts from taking advantage of an obscure law that would have allowed armed teachers to serve as de facto security guards, a private school in Bryant has decided to arm its staff anyway.

Pastor Perry Black, an administrator at Arkansas Christian Academy, says “I just felt like with what’s going on in many of the public sectors where there seems to be a lot of shootings. We need to take the same stance that we do in church on Sunday for our kids Monday through Friday.”

Pastor Black previously placed armed security guards outside his Sunday services, and claims that anywhere from one to seven staff members or teachers will be armed on a given day.

Staff and faculty have been training with law enforcement officers since shortly after the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last year. Legislation explicitly allowing concealed weapons in schools operated by churches was passed in February of this year.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Curtis Coleman praised the school’s decision. “I admire the school’s administrator, Perry Black, for recognizing that every moment counts when a gun-toting criminal intent on taking innocent lives is on campus.”

Watch a video about the school’s decision below:


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Thats kind of a silly comment Becker. I mean there not announcing which teacher is armed and at what times? Cmon use some common sense. Besides most of these cowards if not all picked gun, free zones and once the cops showed up they quickly killed themselves. None of these lowlifes were looking for a shoot out. They just wanted to hurt innocent, defenseless people. That sign alone will be enough to make a coward pick an easier target.


I don’t know that I would want the criminal to know that I or other teachers were armed. Kind of gives him an advantage that he does not need.

Rob Davis

Another Socialist, Anti-Rights Liberal politician that should be tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail. I can’t see this kind of thing going on much longer, even the Emperor of Japan knew better in WWII. Well, he was probably smarter than every Democrat in this country…


How can a attorney general, forbid any body, from obeying a law ?