Protecting Your Rights & Expanding Gun Ownership, One Gun at a Time

Federal Firearms Licensees numbers have been declining, lets put a stop to that. Now is the time to get your own FFL and help spread gun ownership in your community…

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Protecting Your Rights & Expanding Gun Ownership, One Gun at a Time

Sioux Falls, SD –-( America was founded on the premise of freedom.

The original founders were working at escaping the controlling government body of Great Britain and building new lives free from persecution.

They soon created the Bill of Rights, a document meant to cement the freedom they sought and to keep those freedoms for the generations to come.

Unfortunately, those freedoms are slowly slipping. Washington, Franklin, and Jefferson would be turning in their graves if they knew of the downhill slope America has been traveling.

The Second Amendment is being trampled on with every anti-gun legislation that gets put into place.

However, you don’t have to stand idle as it happens. You can start small by teaching others who are around your personal firearms about firearm safety to prevent any accidents from happening. Even true accidents are seen as reasons for more gun control. You could join the NRA. The NRA will consistently fight to keep gun control from getting out of hand. Backing them financially with your membership will aid in keeping the research they need to do going. Finally, you could consider becoming a gun dealer.

What’s being a dealer got to do with it?
It’s got a lot to do with it, actually. First of all, gun dealers are required by law to run a background check when someone purchases a gun from them (unless that purchaser also has a federal firearms license). The background check ensures that the purchaser is legally able to own the firearm s/he is purchasing. Obviously, that measure was put into place to prevent criminals from buying firearms. If you look at the FBI’s statistics, you can see that the number of disapprovals is relatively small in comparison to the number of NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) checks done. However, if even one criminal is prevented from using a firearm to commit a crime, it’s a deed well done. It keeps those clamoring for more gun control at bay when they have no reason to need it.

Along the same lines of selling guns, dealers can transfer firearms. What that entails is just running the background check instead of conducting the full sale of the firearm. This has become more and more popular as internet sales of firearms have increased. Someone will purchase a gun from an online site and then have it shipped to a gun dealer in their area. That dealer will conduct the background check before releasing the firearm to the purchaser. Once again, this helps to circumnavigate the whole criminals trying to buy guns thing.

The NRA was against the implementation of the background checks when the issues came about in the 90s. However, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was put into place, so it makes sense to utilize it as opposed to having more national legislation pushed through to further the liberal gun control agenda.

So how do I become a dealer?
To become licensed as a gun dealer, you must first apply for it. However, going back a little further than that, you should decide what kind of dealer you’d like to be. Get a plan intact, as the ATF wants you to have some form of plan out of this, hundred percent for personal use will not work. Not that you have to go out and purchase a store front to do this full time, but you should at least plan on making some transfers to others and not apply just for your own personal use. Once you’ve got an idea of what kind of services you’d like to offer as a ffl gun dealer, you can move on to applying for the ffl license. There are four different forms you need to fill out- the license application, certification of compliance, fingerprint cards, and certification of secure gun storage. All of those forms can either be downloaded from or ordered from the ATF’s website,

You can set yourself up as a sole proprietor, in a partnership, or as an LLC or corporation. Whichever way, you’ll want to have a business name as well. It helps to legitimize to the ATF that you’re doing this for business purposes and not personal reasons. As a FFL dealer, you’ll be able to purchase firearms, ammo, and accessories at wholesale prices which is the big reason why some people try to get a FFL for personal use.

It’s certainly one of the biggest perks of being a FFL dealer, but the ATF frowns on that being your only priority.

The process of becoming a dealer isn’t overly complex, but if you find that it’s getting to be a bit complicated or exhausting chasing down information, there are a few companies who have compiled all of the information you need to get your FFL into one easy to use guide. One such company,, has been doing it since 2005 with a pretty good success rate. If you’re truly interested in getting your federal firearms license, it’s not a bad idea to check them out.  Click here

In a time when the political seas are looking pretty rough, it’s important to claim your ground and stand on it. If protecting your 2nd Amendment rights means something to you, don’t sit passively and hope that everything works out fine. Do something to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave and help arm more honest American citizens.

About has fine-tuned the process of wading through the bureaucratic process of successfully obtaining a federal firearms license (FFL License), especially from your home. With the weak economy, gun enthusiasts are always looking for ways to save money and make a little extra on the side selling firearms and supplies. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been formally endorsed by several major firearms magazines.   Join our current 50,000 plus active customers to make your dreams’ a reality.


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Wish I had this info. a few yrs. ago, when I could have gotten many old military rifles for $30-$50 a piece if I had my FFL. Talk about a profit to sell.


I’m looking forward to the mid-term elections.I bet the gungrabbers ain’t.

Buck Crosby

To get an FFL you must give up too much personal privacy , or at least it was before they just started STEALING your personal privacy by electronic ( and other ) eaves dropping on all of us .


I’m gonna get my FFL again. I bet it will take longer to get than a stamp for a SBR