Bloomberg’s Pony Boy Joe Manchin: ‘No Regrets Over Pushing Gun Control’

Joe Manchin
Bloomberg's Pony Boy Joe Manchin: ‘No Regrets Over Pushing Gun Control'
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Washington DC – -( In an event “billed as an economic roundtable” in West Virginia, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) defended his push for more gun control and made it clear he is going to “continue looking for a way to expand gun-sale background checks.”

The event was held in a library in Raleigh County, which, like West Virginia itself, was once a Democrat stronghold but is now “GOP territory.”

As the National Journal reports, constituents are outraged over Manchin's attacks on gun shows and private gun sales. Because of this, Manchin's endless claims that he is “not a ‘Washington Democrat'” increasingly fall on deaf ears.

It is no surprise that constituents like Baptist minister Glenn Bragg talk more and more of how they used to support Manchin until the Senator did reversed his views and began “pushing for gun control.” Bragg says Manchin wants “to appease those around him” more than “the people his [is] representing.”

The problem for West Virginians is that those around Manchin include gun grabbers like Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Harry Reid (D-NV), and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Manchin responds to the concerns of his constituents with the same tired lines he has been espousing for years:

“There's enough people in the gun movement that know I will protect your Second Amendment rights.”

This is the same tact he took after he “helped kill a proposal to defund Planned Parenthood” in 2011. To critics of that move he said, “There's enough people in the pro-life movement that know I'm pro-life.”

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  • 8 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Pony Boy Joe Manchin: ‘No Regrets Over Pushing Gun Control’

    1. Joe Manchin is a bitter pill for those of us in West Virginia who once supported him. You’re one and done Joe. You revealed your true colors as nothing more than a bought and paid for hack that doesn’t give a care in the world about West Virginians. Enjoy it while you can…in 2018 you’re out on your keester.

    2. We are doing all we can in WV to make “2 Faced Joe” a one term Senator. Joe is a lying bag of excrement.

    3. Diamond Joe might have no regrets now. But he forgets that your average West Virginian is not stupid. We know that black is not white. We know that up is not down. And we know that lying about defending rights while restricting them is not telling the truth.

    4. If you have a recall law, set the wheels in motion for a recall. If not, a bill needs to be introduced for a recall vote. No lawmaker, worth anything, is not going to be against a recall vote. If he is doing what he says he will or what the people want, no one is going to recall him. If he is against it, that tells you what he is all about right there. Either way, kick the bums out and keep them out. That goes for the US president too. Too many lawmakers for us only around election time. Too many presidents for us in their first term but time they get elected to a 2nd term, everything changes.

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