Bob Beckel Blames NRA for Georgia School Shooting

Bob Beckel
Bob Beckel Blames NRA for Georgia School Shooting
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Fox News’ The Five Wednesday, Bob Beckel did not argue when co-host Dana Perino said he blamed the NRA for this week’s shooting at McNair Elementary School in DeKalb, Georgia.

Beckel explicitly blamed the NRA for the shooting of Australian college baseball player Christopher Lane earlier in the show.

Beckel’s beef with the NRA seems to be his belief that their opposition to more gun control earlier this year allowed persons with a mental problem—like the accused Georgia shooter Michael Brandon Hill—to acquire guns.

The problem with this theory is that the shooter in Georgia was a felon, which means there have long been federal laws on the books that bar him from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Thus, as reported, one of the charges Hill will face is “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.”

The NRA supports these laws, but the shooter obviously cared less about them. And the fact that he violated them is not the NRA’s fault.

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Ivan Pistov

People like Beckel and Mayor McGinn of Seattle seem to think that any law will PREVENT crime, murder, shooting, etc. The good mayor really believes that a sticker on the window of a business will keep criminals from bringing their guns in. Meanwhile, he claims that people who do carry guns legally are still very likely to snap at some disagreement and kill an adversary, no matter how minor. The protest against Starbucks is this Saturday and we all need to go there for coffee this Saturday.


Bob B. is a legend in his on mind! I can’t understand why Fox News keeps him on the payroll. He’s as bad as that dummy Alan Combes!


Too many closet gun lovers on here who are pretending to be gun haters. Come on out of the closet. We have your back. We aren’t going to let the gun grabbers hurt you. If you are on this site, you are pro-gun. No reason for you to be on it if you are not. Anyone can get a gun anywhere. Look at CA, NYC, and a dozen other places that are locked up to guns. They are still on the streets there and they are not coming from here. If you have the money you can get what you… Read more »


These trolls may be employees of the NSA, TSA, ATF, FBI, DOJ or even George Soros. Felons and gangbangers get their weapons from the following sources: family members, street sales, burglaries of homes and sporting goods stores, crooked cops, THE GANG MEMBERS in the ARMED FORCES and — if you are a member of the Cartel–the BATFE will walk the guns to your residence in Mexico for free!!


In the Dictionary look up “buffoon” and there is a photo of Bob Beckel.


Bob Beckel is an ass. I grew up watching all the gangsters on tv.Shoot outs killing and the like. The baby boomers aren’t going around killing people and kids. The nuts are. To blame it on the NRA or guns is as stupid as Alen Combs removing his head from obams butt.Get your head out of your ass Bob


bob is a fing idiot every time he opens his mouth…Fox needs to dump him …NOW….a disgusting human being…maybe he can sit next to mathews and they both can f off…


@wjd Fraser…the point I got from it, Willy, is that a law on paper is only as good as a society willing to follow it. Luckily, most of society does indeed follow these laws but that pesky concept of “free will” comes into play and laws can be chosen to be ignored. That is why liberals don’t want guns. They know they can’t control everyone and don’t want to deal with the mess of fixing a broken society. So instead, they attempt to disarm all of us through laws, on paper. What they forget is that some will choose to… Read more »


I posted earlier, but it never showed up.

According to Beckel’s logic, if the NRA is responsible for shooting deaths, the AAA is responsible for automobile deaths.

Marc Heller

To answer the troll, gun sales at gun shows require the seller to follow the same laws as sales completed at gun shops.
Ramble on.


If there were a law against 300lbs. idiots like Beckel, spouting dribble…Beckle, being the idiot he is, would still be spouting the same dribble despite the law. If that sounds redundant, it is meant to be! It’s the same old crap we here from the same old liberal media idiots anytime someone breaks the law.


Then according to Beckel’s logic, the AAA is responsible for automobile deaths. Libtard.

Will Fraser

If there are Federal laws banning felons from owning guns how come a guy like this can buy a used gun from someone with no check or pick one up at a trade gun show no problem?
It would help everyone else a whole lot if you earned ow to think and b. If you weren’t so quick to lie and misinformed others
Your argument is idiotic Ramble.
Now head back over to your gun store and enjoy your profits SS man