British Grouse Hunting Prospects – The ‘Glorious Twelfth’

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United Kingdom – -( The headlines this week: The headlines this week – Grouse prospects, aquatic cats, drone disaster and DIY rifles.

The Glorious Twelfth of August – the beginning of the grouse-shooting season in the UK – is less than two weeks away. Robert Benson from the Moorland Association has heard from a few estates reporting grouse counts. “Early broods are small in number and there are quite a lot of late broods and, in some cases, this means that people will not actually be shooting on the Twelfth but have put the season back by a week or two,” he says.

It’s an expensive sport. Expect a medium-sized grouse day (400 birds) to cost around US50,000. James Horne from online hunting booker says prices for grouse are holding steady: “Brace cost is round about £150+VAT. We have seen some days at about £140 and some up to about £175, so that’s the sort of price that you’re seeing at the moment.”

Two-thirds of wingshooters have never had a shooting lesson. That’s the conclusion of research by Strutt & Parker, RodsOnRivers and Together, they have brought out a census of shooting and fishing in the UK. They spoke to 4,000 shooters and discovered that they spend more than £5,000 a year each on their sport. Fishers spend just £1,700 a year on their sport. Click here to see the full report:

The US privacy debate sparked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, has reached the hunting community. The Colorado town of Deer Trail, population 550, has garnered international attention by circulating a proposed ordinance that would permit the shooting of drones. Licensed hunters may even collect a US$100 bounty if they present identifiable pieces of a drone taken out.

The British shooting community is impressed by ayoung American boy with no legs, only one arm and only one finger on that one arm, who has not let it stop him going after deer. Friends and family built a hide around Nick Santo, who suffers from a rare condition called Hanhart syndrome. Nick started shooting three years ago. See him in action at

A YouTuber who specialises in 3D printing and printing ukuleles has turned his hand to printing rifles. Based in the USA, ThreeD Ukulele has produced a fully 3D printed rifle he designed. He calls it The Grizzly after the Canadian built Sherman Tanks of the Second World War. In this first test it fired off a Winchester Dynapoint but the barrel split along both sides for about 2 inches and the top of the receiver split the same amount. Back to the drawing board. Or the ukuleles. The video is here:

And finally, a Canadian fishing party got a glimpse of a very rare catfish. The cougar looked comfortable as it came gliding by their boat and continued doggy-paddling to the shore. Click here for the video:

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