California Gun Owners Stalked and Targeted by New Legislation

By Rob Morse

Ban on Ammo is a Ban on Hunting
California Gun Owners Stalked and Targeted by New Legislation
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-( Besides the low-information urban voter, California hunters face three challenges new challenges.  First, lead ammunition might be outlawed in California.

The second challenge is that California has a long dry season and a no-burn wildfire policy for wild lands and mixed use terrain.

Finally, non-lead ammunition can spark fires.  Put those three things together and California hunters need to their problems before California Assembly Bill 711 becomes law.

The bill banning lead ammunition has passed the State Senate but has only had its first reading in the California State assembly.

Anti-gun groups said they want to outlaw lead ammunition for a long time.  Their current excuse is the protected species of the California condor.  The environmental study is deeply flawed, but that doesn’t matter to our legislators…

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About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, and writes the SlowFacts blog. . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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I have attended the bill hearings by the “public safety committee”. Here’s my feedback to Gov Brown


Anyone who thinks that California can be characterized by SF or LA, hasn’t spent any time here. Yes the freaks outnumber us, but we in California who still believe in liberty are still here. In places like OC, San Diego, Riverside, Fresno, Roseville. Not to mention the far northern part of the state like Shasta. If those of you who ran and left would have stayed perhaps this would still be the land of Reagan it used to be. Oh, and all those southerners who think were crazy now. Don’t think I don’t know the history of my own state,… Read more »


Been there and fought in a real war with the US Army. Not like you SF ***S. We don’t go to jail for gun laws like you do in CA. Our people join the NRA and they stand behind us 100%. Our cops are us, not the opposite like yours are. Apparently all of you love to have your guns taken away because you keep re-electing the same gun grabbing clowns term after term. We know you love gun control or you would be doing something about it. Too many of you Yankee transplants out there. Just stay where you… Read more »


I love the macho types on here in pro gun states. Full of swagger and bravado about how no real non commie pinko men live in California etc because we put up with the gun control laws etc. How you would not allow anyone to take away your guns yada yada… I wounder how macho and full of swagger these types would be if they went to one of California’s overcrowded prisons for a felony conviction of violating a CA law. How tough would you be without your AR-15 when your street hardened cellmate decides to make you his “old… Read more »


The difference in CA, NY, and a few other gun grabbing states, is the rest of us are not stupid enough to abide by illegal laws. The rest of us won’t run, we just go by the Constitution and let the federal government go to hell. If they come in our yard we shoot them down. People in gun grabbing states don’t get it, that they can’t win if we don’t let them. Go ahead like sheep and hand in you guns. Then jump in the ocean and put an end to our and your misery.


I think it’s time for humanitarian relief for Californians. I think it’s time we airdropped magazines and lead ammunition into their state and hope the goon patrol doesn’t get their hands on it before the honest people who live there do.


California use to be where I took my family on vacation.The people in California are for the most part are like people anywhere in the country,..nice people.But the liberal pantie waste politicians are destroying that state. I vacation in Florida now.

Rob Davis

I hope California DOES sink into the ocean and puts a bunch of sheep where they belong. Go go San Andreas fault!!! Let’s see an earthquake like we’ve never seen before, I hope Ovomit is visiting while it happens…

Rob Davis

I hope California really does sink into the ocean and takes all the pansy non-thinking retards with it.


A lot of stupid morons making stupid laws every where because they don’t have brains enough to get a real job. ( Hence lazy.)


MASS DISOBEDIENCE, MIGHT BE THE ANSWER. government has gone too far. We left California 20 years ago. Best thing we ever did.

Bill Baker

Drew: I agree with you, problem is its spreading. If the dems get another president in, or get control of the house this is coming to you too. If you guys in Cali do flee the state, head to texas, I wish you well but I don’t want a lot of you moving to my Idaho.


I feel sorry for you California Law Abiding citizens, gun owners and hunters. Maybe it’s time to get the hell out. What a bunch of panzies and tree hunging cry babies. I tell ya they will be coming banging on your door when sh*t hits the fan and all the criminals are targeting them cus they know they can’t defend themselves. Oh well I say. Good luck with trying to defeat this.