California Union Leaders Oppose Bills that Would Limit Hunting & Hurt Jobs

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance educates CA union members about the issue.

Union Sportsmen’s Alliance
Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

Nashville, TN –-( The Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County executive board and delegates recently sent a letter to members of the California State Legislature opposing two bills (AB711 and SB 53) that would severely limit hunting and recreational shooting while hurting jobs, wildlife and the state’s economy.

Introduced by California Assembly Member Anthony Rendon, AB 711 would ban the use of traditional lead ammunition for hunting in California.

SB 53, introduced by CA Senator Kevin DeLeon, would ban all online and mail-order sales of ammunition in the state and require hunters and recreational shooters to pay for and obtain an additional ammunition purchaser permit annually.

“Because these bills could dramatically impact the lives of California union sportsmen and women both on and off the job as well as all California citizens and wildlife, we are taking measures to inform and educate our members in the state about the issue,” said USA Executive Director Fred Myers.

Alternative non-lead ammunition costs an average of 190 percent more than traditional ammo and is much more difficult to obtain.  The effect of these bills combined would “virtually ban hunting in California” according to California union leaders representing machinists, operating engineers, food and commercial workers, plumbers and pipefitters, painters, insulators and other building and construction trades.   They would also impact thousands of union jobs at manufacturers like Colt, Olin/Winchester, Savage and Remington as well as transportation companies like UPS.  California companies that manufacture, distribute and sell firearms, ammunition and hunting equipment employ as many as 10,835 citizens and generate an additional 13,631 jobs in supplier and ancillary industries.

In addition, these bills would impact charity shoot fundraisers, decrease tax revenue in the state by more than $25 million and diminish funds for wildlife management.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, 95% of the ammunition market is composed of traditional lead bullets. Because of the Pittman-Robertson Act of 1937 regulating excise taxes on ammo, a dramatic decrease in ammunition sales coupled with decreased hunting license renewals could realize up to $14 million less in Wildlife Restoration grants from the Federal government.

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