Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap
Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap

Quality ***

Reliability ****

Price/Value ****

Referability ***

Average Score-3.25 stars out of 5

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Must Have Outdoors
Must Have Outdoors

Elsberry, MO –-(Ammoland.com)- I’m no mountain man, but I do love to trap. Trapping is an American tradition that effectively controls furbearer populations and puts a little money in your pocket.

If you are an experienced trapper or need to thin out the raccoon population near your home or hunting property the Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap is a good way to trap raccoons no matter your trapping experience.

Dog proof traps have been a big success in the trapping world over the past few years.  These tube shaped traps are easy to set and help reduce non target catches. The most popular of these would probably be the Lil’l Grizz trap. After its introduction variations of the trap were produced by different companies like Duke Traps.

The trap works when a raccoon reaches down into the trap and pulls up on a baited lever. The trap fires and a lever is pulled across the tube holding the raccoon’s leg inside of the trap.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to this type of trap. First, it is target specific to raccoons. Raccoons use their hands all the time reaching down into holes for food so the dog proof style trap is very tempting to them to reach into. I have trapped the occasional opossum in this trap also.

Being a target specific trap does limit you to only catching raccoons, but each area you trap in will dictate what type of trap works best. Another problem I have had with these traps are if they are set near mud and you catch a raccoon, plan on spending some time cleaning all the mud out of it.

Like I said, these traps are very easy to set. I bait the lever of mine with a big marshmallow and spray some fish oil around the trap. The marshmallow keeps the raccoon interested and forces him to grab the lever and pull up.

Many people will say that the Duke Dog Proof trap is an exact copy of the Lil’l Grizz trap. It basically looks the same and functions the same, but there are a couple of positive and negative differences.

The Duke Dog Proof Trap has a much better stake that is very easy to push into the ground.  It also has a nice chain and a swivel for a rebar stake or adding a disposable stake, making it very easy to anchor the trap.

The Duke trap is also very affordable costing about $14 a piece depending on where you purchase it. This is a very affordable alternative to large live cage traps.

A couple of drawbacks that I hear a lot about Duke brand traps is their quality and that they are not made in the USA. I haven’t personally had any quality issues with their dog proof traps, but there are certain traps they make that I will never buy again.

The Lil’l Grizz trap now called the Sterling Grizz has a couple extra minor features, and will cost you about $18.

So if you need to thin out the raccoon population at your home or hunting grounds, the Duke Dog Proof Trap is an affordable and easy to use trapping method.

Quality: For the reputation that Duke Traps has of being a more affordable trap company, the Dog Proof traps they make are very well made and I haven’t had any problems with them.

Reliability: They catch a lot of raccoons and that’s what they are made for.  I know that when I set one I don’t have to worry about trap malfunction.

Price/Value: At $14 apiece they are an affordable option to thinning out raccoon populations.

Order Online: Amazon Duke Dog Proof Raccoon Trap http://tiny.cc/lbjf2w

Referability: If you need to control the local raccoon population, this is a very easy way to do that. Even if you are a novice trapper this trap is easy to set and use.