GOA Bringing The Heat on Bloomberg, the Chief Enemy of Freedom in the USA

Mayor Gun Ban Boomberg
GOA Continues Putting Heat on a Chief Enemy of Freedom
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-(Ammoland.com)- Mayor Boomberg is using taxpayer money to advance his anti-gun cause.

“[The] residents of New York City have been involuntarily paying to further Mayor Bloomberg’s personal, radical political agenda.” — GOA’s Tim Macy and Larry Pratt, in a letter to the New York Attorney General

It’s been a bad few months for Mayor “Big Gulp” in New York City.

You probably know all about Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s antics in the Big Apple:

  • * His ban on large, sugary drinks — a ban that was recently struck down in court.
  • * His stop-and-frisk policies which eviscerate the Fourth Amendment.
  • * His relentless pursuit of restrictions on our Second Amendment rights — not just in New York City, but all across the country and at the federal level.

Now Bloomberg is coming under fire for using New York City taxpayer funds to lobby for gun control.  More on what Gun Owners of America is doing about this below — and how you can help us counter Daddy Bloombuck’s war chest.

Mayor Bloomberg has become the poster boy for gun control, and he is currently taking his anti-freedom message on a nationwide bus tour.

Ironically, pro-gun activists have outnumbered the anti-gun protestors — sometimes at a ratio of 2-1.  This is not the first such tour that Bloomberg has sponsored, as GOA exposed the Mayor’s lies and fabrications during a similar tour three years ago.

Daddy Bloombucks with egg on his face.

The poor showings at these bus stops are the most recent embarrassments for the Mayor.

Consider just some of the “egg on your face” moments from the past few months:

  • 1) The year began with Bloomberg’s entourage reacting badly to a question from a reporter.  The journalist wanted to know how the Mayor could support gun control when he was surrounded by bodyguards with guns.  Bloomberg ignored the question and ducked into a car, but his goon squad followed the reporter — threatening, pushing and shoving him on the sidewalk.
  • 2) Then, despite spending millions of his own dollars to push gun control this spring, Daddy Bloombucks was dealt a huge setback when the Senate defeated his anti-gun agenda in April.
  • 3) Not only was Bloomberg’s money unable to buy a victory in the Senate, he is now coming under fire from leading Democrats.  Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy recently chided Bloomberg, saying he has “actually turned off some people that we might have gotten for supporters.”

One of the recent beneficiaries of Bloomberg’s money is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who was treated to a $1,000 per plate dinner at the Bloomberg mansion.  Gun Owners of America is rallying gun owners in the Mountain State to blast Senator Manchin, urging him to distance himself from Big Daddy Bloombucks’ agenda.

  • 4) In June, Bloomberg spent hundreds of thousands of his own dollars — and, apparently, even spent some of New York City taxpayers’ dollars — in an unsuccessful bid to impose a ban on most private sales of firearms in Nevada.
  • 5) And in recent months, Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun group — officially known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), although it would be better named Mayors Against Guns — has lost about 50 mayors from its membership rolls.

Some have withdrawn because they realized that MAIG is not about going after “illegal” guns, but rather, pursuing an anti-gun agenda to restrict legally-owned firearms.

Other mayors were dropped because they’ve been convicted of crimes.  In one particularly egregious case, a Pennsylvania mayor used guns and alcohol in an unsuccessful attempt to both seduce and intimidate a male minor into having sex with him earlier this year.

This is the battle we are facing.  It would be bad enough if our chief enemy was simply using his own money.  But recent revelations indicate that Daddy Bloombucks may also be dipping into the public trough to support his anti-gun agenda.

GOA demands investigation into Bloomberg malfeasance.

Gun Owners of America recently sent New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman a registered letter, demanding that he investigate Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as he “may be commingling government resources with those of the nonprofit organizations he controls.”

The letter — authored by GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt and Vice-Chairman Tim Macy — explains that Bloomberg “may have used government funds to pursue his personal political [anti-gun] agenda.”

For this reason, say Pratt and Macy, the Attorney General should “investigate this matter to determine if any laws have been violated, and if any action on your part is warranted … due to the strong possibility that the residents of New York City have been involuntarily paying to further Mayor Bloomberg’s personal, radical political agenda.”

The full letter can be read on the GOA website at:  https://gunowners.org/agletter07292013.htm

There’s a lot happening in the fight to defeat gun control at the federal level, and GOA is alerting the nation –– through printed media, radio talk shows and more –– to expose the enemies of freedom for their illegitimate tactics.

You can help us remain on the front lines by making sure your GOA membership is current.  Sign up here for about the cost of a box of ammunition.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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About:Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: www.gunowners.org to Join.

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VT Patriot, I agree with what you had to say. I think we given too many “do overs” for these people who cannot get things right their first time around. And yes, Cuomo is as bad or worse than the current mayor. However, until the people stand up to this & give these people an ultimatum, they will keep on what they are doing. That’s why we have so many things that are not right going on in this country. No one seems to have the balls to stand up to these people.

VT Patriot

This moron is first of all an illegal mayor. The city has a 2 term limit, he’s in his third term. The city was in ‘too much of a crisis’ 3 years ago to change leadership. Usurping the states laws. And his buddy cuomo is just as bad or worse. Tough to tell.


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Samuel Suggs

I take it you beleve its too soon to shoot the bastard?