Gun Grabbers Admit Relying On Emotion Rather Than Facts

Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder
Gun Rights Policies with John Snyder

Titusville, FL – “Gun grabbers now admit emotional appeals rather than facts promote their agenda,” gun rights expert John M. Snyder said here today.

“The anti-gun scenario is laid out in a screed produced by a bunch of loony left wingers,” Snyder said. “This can be deduced from a recent Washington Examiner article by Paul Bedard.”

Bedard reported on an 80-page document, Preventing Gun Violence Through Effective Messaging. He wrote it was “produced by three Democratic firms led by the polling and research outfit Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research.”

“The anti-gunners urge focus on high-profile emotionally charged shootings,” Snyder noted. “They advise supporters not to wait for the facts before speaking out against guns.

“They figure that’s the way to hoodwink the public into supporting gun control. In other words, they’re a bunch of lying shysters.”

Snyder said, “We’ll trust the public with facts. A man or a woman needs a gun for self-defense.

“That’s why 100 million Americans own 300 million firearms. That’s why citizens buy over 10 million new firearms a year. That’s why there are over a million cases of legitimate defensive gun use each year in the United States.”
John M. Snyder
Telum Associates, LLC
Arlington, VA

About John Snyder:
Named the Gun Dean by Human Events, “the senior rights activist in Washington” by Shotgun News, a “champion of the right to self-defense” by The Washington Times, and “dean of gun lobbyists” by The Washington Post and The New York Times, John M. Snyder has spent 45 years as a proponent of the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms as a National Rifle Association editor, public affairs director of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, treasurer of the Second Amendment Foundation, and founder of

A former Jesuit seminarian, Snyder is founder/manager of Telum Associates, LL.C., founder/chairman of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society, Inc., a director of Council for America, and serves on the boards of the National Association of Chiefs of Police and the American Federation of Police & Concerned Citizens. He is also the author of the book Gun Saint. Visit:

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Why should they wait for the facts when they don’t care about facts. If they did, you would not hear a peep out of them. “Just the facts, mam,” does not appeal to them. They round up every shooting in the country and put it in the national news, whether it be self defense by citizens, police, or any other lawful or unlawful shooting.Does not matter if it is only fitting for local news, they will doctor it up. The ends justifies the means and they don’t mind stretching or breaking the truth into to further their agenda. They only… Read more »