LAN World Announces the New Standard in 72 Hour Survival Kits Complete with Firearm

LAN World 72hr Survival Kit-Rifle model 1 or 2
LAN World 72hr Survival Kit-Rifle model 1 or 2
Lan World, Inc
Lan World, Inc

Salt Lake City, UT –-( LAN World Inc. is excited to announce the release of it’s new line of 72 hour survival kits.

Two main styles will be available; pistol kits and rifle kits.

“We are very excited to offer the public an affordable, complete 72 hour survival kit package. These kits will include all necessary products for a 72 hour period of time plus a firearm and ammunition.”

“All in an attractive one stop package. With the release of these completely new designed 72 hour kits we believe that everyone can be prepared” says Chris Bieling, President of LAN World, inc.

About LAN World – LAN World, Inc. began as a reseller of firearms to California in 2003 and has evolved to become the leading provider of California compliant firearms, and the only company

to import HERA-ARMS products into the United States. LAN World, Inc. provides cutting edge tactical products and holds a patent on the POD Quad device. The company is also behind the 2012 executive survivor’s kit.

The company is led by an industry leader in product design and marketing. Because of its leadership, experience and innovative vision, LAN World, Inc. was an early player in the California based market. In 2011 LAN World, Inc. was presented with the distributor of the year from Stag Arms as well as the “One in a Million” award. LAN World, Inc. is expected to continue on a path of rapid growth.

For more information contact us or visit us at

LAN World Inc.
12351 South Gateway Park Place
Suite D-700
Draper, Utah 84020
Sales Contact: 801-878-4880
Lan World 72hr Survival Kit FNS 9 or FNS 40
Lan World 72hr Survival Kit FNS 9 or FNS 40
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Barrel condom for the water

Steven Hackelrod

Are those condoms at bottom right? (:


I am looking for 22 long can’t seem to find any anywhere.


350 for one with a high point 9mm
1000 for one with a Stag Model 3 5.56


define affordable.


Looks like I’m ready and then some if those kits are are the baseline.


This looks like a handy kit to have around for those pesky emergencies. what is the cost on them.

Earl Stevenson

How much?