Liberals Hating On Cowboy Hats

Wild Bill for America
Wild Bill for America

Colorado –-( Why does Bill’s hat drive liberals to fits of rage? Bill exposes their bias.

About Wild Bill for America:
Bill grew up in the Colorado Rockies and had a successful career in law enforcement, serving as both a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy U.S. Marshal. He is a graduate of the Colorado Law enforcement Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and the U.S. Marshal’s Academy. Prior to law enforcement Bill served with the U.S. Marines as a Corpsman.

As a security specialist, Bill has tackled Islamic violence and intimidation head on, recruiting and training security teams to protect missionaries serving around the world. Having studied Islam intensely and seen how it operates first hand, Bill is well qualified to speak out about the dangers this religion presents.

As one of the first Tea Party members Bill continues his policy of speaking the truth boldly and encouraging others to do the same. Visit:

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I have several, one of them is a 55 year old felt, and Black BTW, and does sort of look it. I wear one most of the time, packing or not. But sometimes when I’m packing I don’t wear one. I like to “surprise” people from time to time.
Keep up the good work Bill!

VT Patriot

I gotta get me one. As always, Bills right on the money. Thanx.


Love ya, Wild Bill.
Just renewed my Texas CHL.
I got no lib-tard friends.