Marietta GA Schools Ask For More Good Guys With Guns On Campus

Schools Ask For More Good Guys With Guns
Schools Ask For More Good Guys With Guns
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -( Even as MSNBC reacts to the DeKalb, Georgia, shooting by declaring “guns are the problem,” Marietta City Schools are requesting more good guys with guns on campus.

According to The Marietta Daily Journal, the Marietta City Schools district in DeKalb, Georgia is asking for security to be beefed up. The Marietta police department provides officers to the school system for security.

Marietta police department officer David Baldwin said the dept is “taking every precaution” and has “been working hand in hand with the schools, talking to upper management about” recent school incidents which involved several intruders bringing dangerous weapons on campus.

He said the police are focused not only on  the safety of “students and faculty” but also in letting parents know they are being “proactive” in their security measures.

The bottom line is that while gun control proponents are saying no more guns, Marietta City Schools are saying more good guys with guns, please.

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Stu Strickler

More firearms in the right hands increases everyone’s safety!

Rob Davis

So Mike, you don’t believe you have the right to defend yourself? I’m surprised that you can even figure out how to post on a website with an I.Q. that low.


The City of Marietta School District is in Cobb County not DeKalb County. As reference, the county seat of DeKalb is Decatur. Cobb County and DeKalb Counties are worlds apart.


According to The Marietta Daily Journal, the Marietta City Schools district in DeKalb, Georgia Marietta City Schools district is in Marietta Dekalb City Schools district would be in Dekalb And if all the guns were in safe legal hands, where do the bad guys get their guns? And what about the guy giving the gun safety class the other day and shot someone? Turns out it was not his first time accidentally shooting someone either. You cannot know how someone will handle a weapon without reading their mind. I am not directly against guns, but I am concerned that all… Read more »