Mobile Payment Company Says No to Guns

Mobile Payment Company Says No to Guns
Mobile Payment Company Says No to Guns
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance
U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance

Columbus, OH –-( The popular mobile payment company, Square, Inc., has recently changed their terms of use and will no longer allow the use of their product for firearm sales, ammunition, firearm parts, and any other associated materials which they say are “designed to cause physical injury”.

Sportsmen and other gun owners are being urged to contact Square to voice their disapproval and to urge them to change their anti-gun policy.

Square, a small credit card swiping device that plugs into IPhones, Android and IPad’s for easy credit or debit card transactions, changed their terms of use in late spring, adding the amendment as #23 to their Prohibited Goods and Service list. A Square spokesman denied the accusation that the change was related to the gun debate sparked by the Sandy Hook shooting.

As a non-profit organization that fights for the rights of hunting, fishing and trapping across the U.S., the USSA fully supports the use and sales of firearms. USSA has in the past used the Square device for company events but has since halted its use in the wake of the change to their “Prohibited Goods and Service list”.

Take Action! All sportsmen and other gun owners are urged to contact Square CEO Jack Dorsey and explain how his company’s anti-gun stance is misguided. Tell him that over 90 million gun owners – many of which are either his customers or potential customers – support the right to keep and bear arms.

About:The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance is a national association of sportsmen and sportsmen's organizations that protects the rights of hunters, anglers and trappers in the courts, legislatures, at the ballot, in Congress and through public education programs. Visit

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    1. Here’s an e-mail I just set to Square:

      I was excited to start accepting credit cards for my recording studio with Square, until I discovered that Square will not process transactions for firearms! I’m sure you think you are doing the “responsible thing”, but you are showing me that you are really against our Constitution and are willing to stand in the way of responsible citizens exercising their right to self defense. Firearms are not illegal, and we use them safely to defend ourselves, families and other innocents against those who would try to do us harm. Criminals will not be using any traceable method including credit cards to purchase a firearm. So I can only guess that you want to prevent good people like me from being able to defend myself! Until Square can support our 2nd Ammendment, I will find another way to accept credit cards, I will not do business with Square, and I will discourage everyone I can to avoid your company. This is not a form letter, and I am very sincere in my support of the Constitution of the Unites States. Please reconsider your position and support our right to self defense. Thank you.

    2. Lets face it, Square, Inc. is NOT the only credit card reader. They may deny service to the firearms market, but another, more business oriented service, will advertise to the firearms industryas gun friendly and gain new market share.

      The Board of Directors of Square, Inc. might not be all that happy when a lot of potential business is now in a competitor’s pocket. Nemember, Money Talks — B.S. walks.

    3. I think the democratic agenda is behind this, just like the ammo shortage, may issue permits, gun free zones and the other road blocks they throw up to infring on liberty.

    4. well it’s their choice,
      BUT, in the same breath firearms owners can freely spend their $ elsewhere
      from what i understand cabala’s has their own bank in nebraska the will freely do business with firearms owners

    5. Yep. I sell HC3R hi-cap 10/22 magazines, and they canceled my account that was in good standing. Forced me to find another, cheaper, gun friendly company. I guess they showed me, eh?

    6. When purchasing anything to do with firearms, I go cash only. One less piece of paper for the Feds to track, and it doesn’t contribute to the profit of some of these companies that discriminate against gun owners. So in this case, I get the last laugh. Hahaha.

    7. Would they deny the payment to pay for a homosexual marriage? I think not. This is pure agenda based on their supposed “morals” of gun violence? Same goes for PayPal, they too will not process sales for guns, ammo etc. It is not right, and in fact I consider it a violation of my constitutional rights. They should be sued.

    8. Well if they are not going to let their device be used under these guide lines are they going to stop the uses of their systems on cars & other vehicles,tobacco products,knifes,+the list can go on & on.
      I for one am furniture in my unit as well as the rest of my family &
      friends.I would suggest everyone else do the Sam & if you buy anything do not use their systems to do it.
      I wish there was a link so I could send this directly to these people.

    9. Had to use SQUARE only once at a gun show for the CCW class. pompous arsses comes to mind. If SQUARE wants to be ultra righteous they should consider requiring a lie detector for every transaction asking the customer if they have ever did something bad. Hey, ya never know…the person buying that chainsaw might be planing to dismember people.

    10. it’s bad enough they won’t let you buy a gun
      but look at the bigger issue
      they are telling you how you can or cannot spend your money
      what will they say you can’t buy next ???

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