Politicians Will Be Among the Suspects in Next School Shooting

By Rob Morse

School Shootings
Politicians Will Be the Likely Suspects in Next School Tragedy
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Southern California –-(Ammoland.com)- The murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School happened nine months ago. School is about to open again, yet politicians ignored the hard work of writing laws to protect our children.

Many of us wrote about the changes needed to stop mass murder in our schools.

I have not seen those changes implemented across the United States, and I certainly have not seen them implemented in California where I live. Our politicians left our children at risk. Yes, the politicians planned for the next tragedy. They prepared press releases rather than preparing necessary legislation to keep our children safe. This is what the California politicians ignored.

  • By law, schools are required to have fire-emergency plans and to exercise fire-emergency drills. Politicians ignored legislation to address school violence by requiring a physical security plan at each school and exercising that plan with students and first responders. Politicians ignored physical security even though school violence hurts more children than school fires.
  • Glory killers commit their crimes to receive media attention after their death. By restricting the news coverage after a tragedy, we can deny the murderers the celebrity status they seek. We already restrict news coverage of rape victims and child victims of crime. Writing media laws to hide the names and faces of glory killers was too hard for our politicians.
  • Politicians installed a few security doors and cameras in California schools. California politicians rejected the one thing we know reduces school violence; they rejected armed security on campus. Politicians can have armed security at work, but our children can’t.
  • It is hard work to write and fund mental health laws. California politicians looked the other way and pretended our mental health system works. That is crazy.
  • At the national level, there was never an effort for uniform mental health reporting. Before you pass a new law, it would be wise to know if the old laws worked. Legislators never asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report if states are complying with existing mental health reporting laws.

Politicians ignored real solutions to make us safer because those legislative efforts won’t keep the politician in office. A politician needs media exposure to win the next election! Passing school safety reforms won’t generate the headlines and bring in the special interest campaign donations that follow a school tragedy.

It is easier for our politicians to advance their careers by pandering to anti-gun groups after a tragedy. It is easier to pander than to implement the real security reforms that actually save lives.

Sandy Hook was not the first glory killing. We’ve had murder in schools for many years. Sandy Hook will not be the last tragedy as long as we keep doing what we’ve always done. After each tragedy, the politicians passed feel-good legislation that had no chance of stopping the next disaster. True to form, California politicians again called for more unrealistic gun laws. If gun laws like these were effective, then California cities would already be the safest places on earth! They are far from it. See Oakland, Richmond, Compton and Stockton, California in this list of 100 most dangerous US cities. Countries like Mexico and Norway would not have their mass murders if gun control worked. Facts don’t matter to politicians.

The headlines for the next mass murder are already written. The headlines will say evil guns killed defenseless children. The headlines will say we need more restrictions on law abiding gun owners in order to be safe.

The headlines are wrong. It is the negligent politicians who left our children vulnerable to crazy people and criminals! These negligent politicians are content to grab headlines rather than work towards real reform.

We are losing time and lives while politicians dance in front of the news media. I will blame these politicians for the next tragedy. I will blame us, the voters, for electing these politicians to office and leaving them there unsupervised.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas A. Edison

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About Rob Morse:
By day, Rob Morse works in Southern California as a mild mannered engineer for a defense contractor. By night he writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Gun Rights Magazine, www.gunrightsmagazine.com/contributors/rob-morse/ and writes the SlowFacts blog. www.slowfacts.wordpress.com . He also loves the M1911 and shoots combat handgun on the weekends.

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David Waldman
David Waldman
8 years ago

Would it help clear things up if I reminded you of the Heath High School shooting incident from 15 years ago in which a gunman shot up the youth prayer group? We might be barking up the wrong tree, here.


Buck Crosby
Buck Crosby
8 years ago

How many school shootings have been reported back when all the kids , guided by the teacher , said the LORDS Prayer before the school day began . Can anyone get me some numbers to compare the last fifteen years with the LORDS prayer and the last fifteen years without the LORDS prayer ? Is the ACLU and the athiests claims that it is against the first amendment ( only because THEY have twisted the intent of the Amendment ) to allow our kids to pray or stand with head bowed respectfully while the others do , more important than… Read more »

Gregory Romeu
Gregory Romeu
8 years ago

Time for the citizens to open-up and READ their State’s Constitution and utilize the process in those state Constitutions for the removal of corrupt officials. ANY LAW on the books, there is a PENALTY for violating that law. Violating the Oath of Office is a high crime! WILLFUL NEGLECT OF STATUTORY DUTY is an even higher crime! But! It takes THE CITIZENS to enact the process to remove these criminals from office! Through the power of the People’s Grand jury, the people of each state can remove these thugs for operating outside of their OATH OF OFFICE!