Report on CIA Personnel Takes Benghazi from ‘Phony’ Scandal to Immense Coverup

Obama and Hillary Laugh it up
Report on CIA Personnel Takes Benghazi from ‘Phony’ Scandal to Immense Coverup while Obama and Hillary laugh it up at a recent White House picnic.
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Washington DC – -( There has always been something unsettling about the September 11th attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, and a Thursday report on local CIA activity the night of the attack only adds to the unease.

CNN is reporting the CIA may have had upwards of 35 personnel in Benghazi on the night of the attack, and that “as many as seven [of these] were wounded.”

An unnamed source claims these individuals are subjected to polygraph tests as frequently as once a month to monitor them for possible leaks to news outlets.

Since the assault’s immediate aftermath, the Obama administration was worked diligently to ensure the details of that night remain secret—even as the family members of four murdered Americans killed search for answers.

The White House initially refused to label the onslaught as a terror attack, despite the assassination of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stephens. Caught in the final months of the President’s reelection campaign, his subordinates instead promoted the idea of spontaneous protests caused by a YouTube video.

More recently, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) alleges that Benghazi survivors have been bound by non-disclosure agreements from the federal government so their knowledge of the night’s events cannot be made public. Americans have learned U.S. Diplomatic Security personnel like David Ubben and others were in Benghazi during the attacks, as well. They survived but have been kept from Congress and the public since the attacks took place.

Consequent with this news is the revelation that President Obama was missing from the situation room while the attack took place. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was in the situation room and said after seeing Obama for a 5 PM meeting, he did not see or hear from the President again that night—though the attack lasted for hours.

Panetta said the President trusted that the Sec. of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCOS) Chairman General Martin Dempsey were aware of what military assets were in the area around Benghazi, so he left it “up to us.”

No officials from the Obama administration have taken credit for special forces to “stand down,” alleged by State Department official Gregory Hicks in congressional testimony.

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Bill Baker

@Brenda Lee (aka bible thumping troll) The lord says do unto others as you would have them do unto you. So Obama must want people to lie and treat him like shit. As for the devil taking over your brain, thats a amoebic infestation. God gave you free will, and the devil allows you to keep it, else it would not be you being evil and going into his domain making him have no hold over you if he possessed you since it wouldn’t be your fault, therefore no trip to hell for you. Now as for your 7th grade… Read more »

Brenda Lee

STOP. HE WILL NOT reward you at all. When the
devil take over your brain then he possessed you.

Thomas Fasennmyer

Isn’t it time for the military to remove that self-loving president of ours before he destroys America just like the military removed the President of Egypt?



So now Obama is moving the personnel who were in Benghazi and who could testify about the attack to different locations and changing their names. Unbelievable, but par for Obama, the scandal cover-up King.