Save $70 On The Popular Guncasket Gun Safe + Free Shipping

Gun Casket
Gun Casket
Gun Casket
Gun Casket

USA – -( Use coupon GC70FS to Save $70 on black Shotgun Safe plus Free Shipping, Was $299 Now $229! Coupon Code: GC70FS

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Because the risk of an accidental shooting is just too great, many of us lock our guns in a fireproof safe at the other end of the house. Gun Casket is the solution!

As the world’s fastest opening shotgun safe today, Gun Casket is the safest alternative to these fireproof safe, under the bed storage, closet, and the likes.

With a personalized code you are the only one with access to your weapon.

Gun Casket safes are constructed of anodized aluminum to increase corrosion resistance and surface strength. While many safes are constructed of thick steel, they are extremely heavy and prone to rust, especially in humid environments. Gun Casket safes are built to last and will never rust.

Oh, and if you want to transport your weapon in your safe you won’t break your back. Just pick it up and go.


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Nice looking product but I can’t believe their tag is just pick it up and go. That’s exactly what a thief will do. The company should make a bracket/cable system to make it more secure otherwise a regular carrying case with lock will suffice.