Senate Democrats Move To Reverse Supreme Court Heller Decision

Reid-Leahy move would gut the Second Amendment in the eyes of the courts.

Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( Having failed to get gun control passed in the Senate, Democrats are now making a last ditch effort to reshape the Supreme Court.

Well, we hate to say it, but we predicted this would happen.

You remember when Harry Reid was threatening to destroy the Senate filibuster in January — and later in July — in order to approve Leftist Obama-supported nominees?

You remember, at the time, we said that, if Reid “pulled the trigger” on this so-called nuclear option to destroy the filibuster in some cases — thus eliminating the need for Reid to garner 60 votes some of the time — there would be no impediment to Reid doing anything he wanted with 50 votes (plus Biden) in other cases?

And you remember we said that it wouldn’t take long before Reid tried to limit the filibuster and use a mere 50 Democratic votes to approve other things as well — like an anti-gun Supreme Court justice to replace Supreme Court “swing vote” Anthony Kennedy?  The immediate ramification of such an appointment would be to overturn the Heller case (which held that the Second Amendment is an “individual right,” not just the right of a state to raise a militia).

Finally, you remember that Harry Reid said, at the time, that his shady precedent would just apply to Executive Branch nominees, not judges?

Well, it hasn’t taken long for his lie to be exposed.

The anti-gun Democratic Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy (D-VT), has just called for blowing up the Senate rules to approve judges with 50 votes.  See Roll Call, “Leahy Eyes ‘Nuclear Option’ Threat to Confirm Judges,” (August 2, 2013).

Although Leahy doesn’t explicitly say so, this would eventually include Obama’s prospective anti-gun replacement to the 80-year-old Kennedy — and would mean that the Second Amendment, in the eyes of the courts, would no longer exist.

Again, Justice Kennedy cast the deciding vote on the 5-4 Heller decision.  So, if he is replaced by an anti-gun Obama nominee, Heller is gone.

ACTION:  Click here to urge your Senators to oppose the anti-gun “nuclear option” to blow up the Senate rules. Tell them that any vote in favor of weakening the filibuster rules for judicial confirmations will ultimately result in a reversal of the Heller case — and a body-blow to the Second Amendment.

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Reid and his ilk put the douche in douche bag


Honestly, it doesn’t matter what law they pass or what decision they overturn. When it comes down to it, and they try to physically take our guns, do they really think we’re just going to hand them over? This is almost funny to me.


The people have voted! And, look what what we have reaped…Any idea’s of impeachment by Becker are just a pipe dream. Many speak of it, but no one dare try it on the greatest leader since the dawn of time (to include and to out due “Christ” as his greatest critic’s have pointed out. The people in power are there to stay and there is nothing ANYONE is going to do to change that. Very, Very unfortunate! America has fallen.


Sounds like a commie move to me, on the part of Obama. Now that we have to votes for impeachment, lets use it.


This is what you get for keeping the anti Americans in places they should not be. If people want idiots like dirty harry in the senate then you get what you asked for. All too soon all of our rights are going to be gone if that is what you want then so be it, just keep voting these numbnuts into office.


Sorry to say that THIS is what you get when you vote for Republicans and Democrats.

You were warned (for forty years) but you didn’t believe you would ever have any unintended consequences.

Bummer, dude.

Shawn Grammont

Can’t let these anti-gun politicians destroy the Heller and Macdonald decision.


Don’t the democrats understand that someday the republicans wil control the senate and all these underhanded, unethical rules will still be in place for use against THEM?