Sensible Firearm Combinations – Hi-Point Carbines & Handguns

Hi-Point 4095TSRD Carbine Black With Red Dot Scope
Hi-Point 4095TSRD Carbine Black With Red Dot Scope
MKS Supply

Dayton, OH, –-( American made, Hi-Point Firearms are incredibly robust, reliable well designed and some say,,, not so pretty!

But, when you pull the trigger the little pointy metal things fly out of the round tube thing with the screwthreads in it and do so reliably and accurately, and well more can you ask from a firearm?

Hi-Point represents one of the best firearm bargains available in today’s gun market. And that is easily demonstrated in the high volume of sales of these fun, robust, reliable, accurate and affordable firearms.

How affordable? The basic7-pound .45 ACP Carbine in .45 ACP is $318.00 MSRP and the 35 ounce .45ACP pistol runs $199.00 MSRP. Combine both guns and they are only $517.00 MSRP!

The simple blow back design reliably feeds ammunition from the single stack .45 ACP 9-round and 10 round (9mm and .40S&W) magazine which also fits the Hi-Point series of like caliber semi-auto pistols. And there is the story.

Hi-Point Semi-Auto Pistol
In these days of high-cost and sometimes scarce ammunition many folks are eliminating calibers from their stash. In the event of the various survival scenarios, simpler and tougher is better and having your handgun in the same caliber as your long arm is a huge advantage if and when things get slim. Even tactically and logistically better is that the magazines will fit both handguns and long guns.

Additionally, should things really go nuts the use of high-dollar sniper and specialized semi-auto firearms is a fairytale. As has been shown the world over, for serious urban survival simple, robust, reliable, and common gets the job done best. By common we mean both caliber availability and interchangeability of parts and ammunition magazines.

Hi-Point JHP45 ACP HandGun
Hi-Point JHP45 ACP HandGun MSRP: $199.00

Hi-Point’s carbines and handguns of the same caliber use the same magazines. Additionally the
carbine’s longer barrel will increase velocity figures between 80-200 FPS over a like chambered handgun, especially with +P loads.

Hi-Point Carbine With Optional Red Dot Scope
Hi-Point Carbines are legal for deer in some states and we found them highly-effective out to 200 yards (due to firing range servicing at the time we did not test further). The above image shows the carbine with an optional low cost red dot sight.

Hi-Point Carbines are employed by law enforcement world-wide and have proven they can easily match the performance of much more expensive carbines. And where money is of concern, and where isn’t it nowadays? An economical and reliable Hi-Point carbine and handgun combination is hard to beat.

MKS Supply, LLC
Marketer for Hi-Point,
8611-A North Dixie Drive, Dayton OH 45414
877-425-4867 or 937-454-0363.
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Samuel Sherrill

Hello were can I find a drum or extended magazine for a 4095 40 cal highpoint carbine

Darrell Swain

Looking for one too!

Will Shields

All I have to say is if People do not like the looks just too bad looks don’t mean any thing the guns operate good thats what counts


I own the C9, and love it! Four years later and 1042 rounds downrange, and it gets better with age. Twelve minor stoppages in the first 500 rounds and flawless since. Good sights, comfortable, soft recoil and easy to clean. Great value & warranty!

Michael Cooke

I have both the 4095TS and .40 pistol. I can see where the pistol won’t win any beauty contests, and the carbine does look like something out of Planet of the Apes (shout out to nutnfancy for that one…check out his YouTube videos RE: Hi Point firearms). That said, I love my Hi-Point set. I’ve fed mine Tulammo, Blazer Brass and Speer Lawman, and neither had a problem. I have three magazines between the two and plan to get a few of the ProMag 15rd to go with ’em. Love these guns, love the company’s warranty and I would have… Read more »

Mike Drake

I just picked up a C9 and I really don’t see what is ugly about it. I love it

Dave H.

True Story. I own the Hi-Point .45ACP hand gun, .45ACP AND 9mm Carbines and they are just as the article describes. Not pretty to look at but reliable and tough. Not to mention the Lifetime “no questions asked” warranty. I had a mag break and they sent me a new one within a week.

Hi-Point C-9 9MM Pistol


Bought my first C9 in 2001in Ga at the Perry gun show. Got my second in San Antonio in 2013. Now I have a 995 as well. Pleased all around. Have taken coworker to the range and the C9 is his wife’s favorite of my four 9mms. The 995 is SWEET! Very surprised and pleased when first test fired at range. Heavy as a cinderblock, but stable and reliable.

Hi-Point C9 Pistol


My first handgun was a Hi Point 45apc. I ha e put well over 3a thousand rounds through it. Love it and have out shot many high dollar hand guns. Looking to add each caliber.


I imagine if you contacted Hi Point, they would have plenty. I have had my Hi Point pistol for 17 yrs. and it is very accurate and reliable. Never had any kind of jamming problems. It is heavy and somewhat bulky, but that just scares the bad guys even more. I gave $140 for mine, out of the box.

Todd Baker

I have two and like them both real well. As an FFL liscense holder, I can’t find any to sell. All the major wholesalers do not have them. If I’m gonna sell them, where do I get my hands on them?

Jay W

I have thousands of rounds through my 995TS and it’s accurate and dependable. One of these days I’m even going to field strip it and give it a good cleaning.