So You Want to Own a Gun by Bob Owens

By Dr. Bojan Tunguz

So You Want to Own a Gun by Bob Owens
So You Want to Own a Gun by Bob Owens

USA – -( Americans pride themselves on their second amendment, which for most of America’s history has been interpreted to protect individual ownership of firearms.

In recent years the Supreme Court has also upheld this view, and the right of every American citizen to own a gun has never been more firmly established on legal grounds.

However, the politics of gun ownership has also become more contentious than ever, and this trend is most likely going to increase.

These two opposing forces – legal and political – have created a very uncertain gun ownership climate, which in turn has spurred more people than ever into wanting to purchase a firearm.

This “So You Want to Own a Gun” is short e-book is intended for people who are considering purchasing a gun for the first time.

It goes over the good and bad reasons for wanting to own a gun, and emphasizes gun safety as paramount. It is filled with a lot of sensible and useful advice, including further helpful websites and resources. There is a lot of information about guns out there, but if you have never owned a gun nor are close to any long-term gun owners, I would recommend this short e-book as the first resource to look into.

The book is overall well written, although it could have used a bit more editing. There are a few spelling mistakes and repeated words, but for the most part these don’t detract from readability. I would have also liked to see some images or diagrams, as these would have helped with understanding the particular guns that were being discussed.

Written by PJ Media and Shooting Illustrated writer Bob Owens, “So You Want To Own a Gun” is a reference for citizens interested in purchasing their first firearm, but aren’t sure where to begin.

This short e-book is designed to be a quick evening’s read that helps you determine whether you’re ready to deal with the responsibility of owning a firearm, helps guide you in the direction of the kind of firearm that meets your specific need, and directs you toward the kind of training that will make you both comfortable and safe with your asserted Constitutional right.

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8 years ago

Normally I would recomend certain guns traditionally used for certain things, but in this climate I would recomend getting some oddball caliber gun that you can actually find ammo for.