The Fight to Keep Chronic Wasting Disease Out of Florida

by Marion P. Hammer

Marion P. Hammer
Marion P. Hammer

Florida –-(  The National Rifle Association and Unified Sportsmen of Florida are in full and  unequivocal support of a ban on the importation of captive deer into Florida.

Read NRA & USF’s Position paper and Fact Sheet  Click Here

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has a fiduciary duty protect and conserve wildlife and the natural resources of the state for the people of  Florida.

The Commission has no duty or responsibility to any private financial business interest of any person or persons.

People who choose to engage in businesses that depend on wildlife have to assume their own risk or loss – just like every other business.  It is wrong for a few deer farms and high fence shooting/hunting preserves to put their own private financial interest ahead of the wild deer herds and the future of deer hunting in Florida.

Those opposing closing the border are representing a selfish business interest.  It is ridiculous to claim we can “learn to live with CWD” or that we can “manage CWD.”  Why would any responsible person want to live with or manage a fatal disease that we can avoid getting?


Deer don’t live with it – they always die from it.  And if it mutates and is transmittable to humans (like Mad Cow Disease did) humans will die horrible deaths from it.  You cannot manage CWD – it manages you.  Read this article on the risk to humans

A ban on the importation of captive deer from other states is essential to preventing CWD from getting into Florida.  Look at the facts:

CWD is spreading in the United States. In the last two years, 7 more states have gotten CWD, bringing the total number of states with CWD from 15 to 22.

In 2012 Texas, Iowa, and Pennsylvania got CWD.

In Texas, CWD was found in wild deer. Texas banned the importation of captive deer in 2002 and stayed CWD free until 2012 when the disease came in from a deer that migrated across the border from New Mexico.

Iowa’s CWD was found in 3 different captive herds. Iowa does not have an importation ban on captive deer.

In Pennsylvania, CWD was found in a captive deer and a wild deer. Pennsylvania does not have an importation ban on importation of captive deer.

In 2010, Missouri found CWD in a captive herd and mounted efforts to manage and contain it. Their management efforts were unsuccessful. In 2012, CWD was found in wild deer in Missouri.

All of this is very bad news. CWD is spreading.

Florida has the best opportunity to keep CWD out by completely closing our border.

Florida’s two border states, Alabama and Georgia do not have CWD. Why?
Because Alabama banned the importation of captive deer in 1973 (40 years ago) and Georgia banned the importation of captive deer in 2002 (11 years ago).

That means the risk of CWD coming into Florida from migrating wild deer has been virtually eliminated.

Florida’s risk of getting CWD is from the importation of captive deer. It is irresponsible and tempting fate if we do anything other than imposing a total ban ASAP.

Florida’s wild deer herds are at risk everyday day we wait.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Anything short of a total ban only adds additional risk.

It is interesting to note that an Illinois University professor is the so-called “expert” used by business interests to support their position.  Their “expert” was recently exposed in media. It turns out their so-called expert is protecting his own financial and business interest and is not an unbiased expert at all — he owns a deer farm and in addition to selling captive animals he also sells meat to the public and urine to hunters.   Read this:

Recently, I was quoted as saying if we got CWD in Florida I would never eat another bite of venison.  That’s true, and I certainly would never feed it to my family again.  Read here to find out why I made that statement.

The future of deer hunting in Florida is on the line.  Those who want to help keep CWD out of Florida can contact all of the FWC Commissioners by sending an email to this address  [email protected]

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Guess who

Thank you Florida for closing the Borders!!!!!! The people that want to keep the borders open……. Don’t have any room to talk!! With all your side deals and stuff with those northern boy !!!!! You guys are the biggest hypocrites out there !!! Talking about “MONEY”…….. Your a Joke !!!! Makes me laugh!!!!!


Man do they have you guys fooled, You say stop cwd but the same people that want to shut the border down are the same ones that just brough in a bunch of deer from cwd states like Pa and Wisconsin. If you want to stop cwd then you better not just shut the state line, you better stop any in state movements also. The same farms that brough all the deer in from cwd states now want to put a corner on the market. This is all about the money for these few farms. They could care less about… Read more »


Interesting they mention Wisconsin in this article. If you check the numbers (money), look at Wisconsin DNR website. They have had a 4 year increase in license sales, with over 600,000 licenses sold in 2012. Doesn’t look like it has hurt them in this department. Below is the article and a couple stats from their website: License Sales  633,460 total Deer Gun Hunters, up 2% from last year  Resident deer licenses (585,736) are up 2%  Nonresident deer licenses (34,256) up 3% Most of the info in the above article seems to be scare tactics. Although they… Read more »

R Smith

It is GREAT for TEXAS if this importation ban goes into effect. More Florida Hunters will come to Texas to hunt BIG BUCKS. Keep up the good work. You already have a few breeders who now can control the Breeder Market in Florida. Everyone has to buy from them when this ban takes effect. BUT WAIT FLORIDA!!! All is not lost. You can still import TEXAS SEMEN.

Sean McGee

Texas has closed borders, yet they found CWD in West Texas in a WILD Mule Deer, hundreds of miles away from the nearest deer farm. I wonder why that is. Hmmmm? Maybe because CWD has nothing to do with Captive Deer? The only reason it might seem to correlate statistically is because captive deer are tested very frequently.

You all should see the documentary called “The Truth About CWD.”

I thought the NRA stood for freedom.

Randal Raney

Marion Hammer, thanks for all your help! I held them off as long as I could for 10 months! Better late than never! Thanks for showing up with the Calvary! Guess I own you one!

Randal R


Well you can start by keeping Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson out of Florida. These are the two biggest chronic wasters of our time, they can corrupt black people in minutes and sometimes white folks but takes longer. Gov Scott keep Florida Safe KEEP SHARPTON AND JACKSON OUT of the great state of Florida.