All Things Crosman This Week on Gun Guy Radio

All Things Crosman This Week on Gun Guy Radio
All Things Crosman This Week on Gun Guy Radio
Gun Guy Radio
Gun Guy Radio

DeKalb, Illinois –-( Crosman Corporation:  This week on Gun Guy Radio we get an education about all things related to air guns from Chip Hunnicutt of the Crosman Corporation.

Crosman Corporation, which evolved from the Crosman Seed Company in New York, has been a leader in air rifle and pistol manufacturing for 90 years.

The Crosman and Benjamin air guns are used for plinking, target shooting and hunting. Crosman air rifles range from CO2 powered single shot rifles and BB guns to the Nitro piston system in the Benjamin brand rifles and even to the newest semi-automatic air rifles.

Chip explains the evolution of the air gun to include rifled barrels, improvements in the powerplant from the soda bulb to the CO2 Powerlet cartridge to the Pumpmaster 760, of which more than 14 million have been manufactured and sold. Crosman, through the Benjamin line, has also reintroduced precharged pneumatic air guns, which is older technology, but which is quite accurate. Crosman has brought that technology to the market at a price that was previously unheard of in the market. Crosman has been innovative in the paintball and airsoft markets as well.

Chip explains to Jake that newer innovation in air rifle technology has allowed for the production of rifles that are capable of shooting .357 caliber Nosler bullets at nearly 800 feet per second. These rifles are capable of not only effectively hunting small game, but are viable options for hunting feral hogs and white tail deer.

In the Product Spotlight, Jake and Paul Levy discuss the new AR-15 roll pin pusher manufactured by manufactured by Little Crow Gunworks and sold by Brownell’s.  This roll pin pusher is used to install the trigger guard roll pin on AR-15s without the risk of breaking off the tabs or damaging the finish on the lower receiver.

Lastly, the Firearms Insider Community, which will include gun and gear reviews, a blog, and the opportunity for user reviews, is still on track to go live on October 15, 2013. The Firearms Insider will have both a full podcast and mini-podcasts often including personalities from across the Firearms Radio Network. The Carol Gets A Gun Segment, in which Carol from the Fat 2 Fit podcast and her family learn gun safety and purchase their first firearm will be one of the first of many interesting and exciting segments to appear on the Firearms Insider Community.

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Photo courtesy of the Crosman Corporation

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That’s a Crossman 600 in the top illustration. I bought one and (illegally) transported it into NYC when I was a kid 🙂

A fine weapon until the seals broke down.