ALPS OutdoorZ Pursuit Pack

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Quality *****

Reliability ****

Price/Value ****

Referability ****

Average Score-4.25 stars out of 5

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To get your gear to the field, you need a good pack. The Pursuit pack from ALPS OutdoorZ is a great pack to take your gear to the field and has some features that any tree stand hunter will love.

As with all the other gear from ALPS OutdoorZ, the Pursuit pack is well designed and allows the hunter to adjust the pack to their needs. The Pursuit pack weighs in at 4 lbs. and has 2700 cubic inches of overall internal space.

On the outside of the pack the Pursuit has an adjustable drop down weapons pocket that you can fit your firearm or bow into. The two buckle lashing system keeps your weapon firmly in place. The ability to carry my bow or firearm on the back of the bag is a feature I really like because I can now carry all of my gear in hands free. This is a big help when I have to walk farther into the woods to get to my stands.

On each side of the pack there is a quiver holder.  I like this feature because I can just leave the quiver on the pack in the stand and it’s easy to grab another arrow if needed. The Pursuit also has two side mesh pockets and pockets on the padded waist belt. The straps are all very comfortable and have a wide range of adjustment.

The Pursuit pack has some webbing on it so you can tie extra gear to the pack. The Pursuit also has a blaze orange rain cover that fits over the entire bag for when the weather gets bad or you want to be more visible walking to and from your hunting location.

For 2013 the Pursuit pack now features an organizational shelf pocket. For tree stand hunters this is a nice feature because you can simply hang the bag from the pack’s d-ring and the shelf pocket allows you to easily access much needed gear. I can think of many times in the stand where I have been digging through my pack trying to find something.  This shelf allows hunters to have less movement when grabbing gear from the pack.

The large front pocket also has many smaller pockets to organize your gear.  The main pocket is very large and has a hydration pocket and port. To give the pack more stability it has a center aluminum stay.

The Pursuit is a really nice pack and is the one I use to deer hunt with here in Missouri.  It allows you to organize and carry your gear to the field. The pack isn’t that big but is well designed so you can carry whatever gear you need for that day’s hunt.

Available is Mossy Oak Break Up Infinity or Realtree Extra the Pursuit pack has a suggested retail value of $129.99.

Quality:  The Pursuit is very well thought out and designed. The pack is also made of heavy material and all of the stitching is well done.

Reliability:  I used this pack all of last season.  None of the seams came apart when carrying heavy loads and I didn’t see any quality issues with it.  The bag is still loaded with some gear for another season of use.

Price/Value:  With all the features that this pack has, it is very affordable and one that will serve you many years in the field.

Referability: The Pursuit is a great pack for any hunter. The shelf design works great for tree stand hunters. The well designed pack and ability to easily carry a bow or rifle makes this a great pack for any big game hunter.

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