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United Kingdom –-( The headlines this week: British anti-hunters protest the badger cull, we raise money for Safari Club International and the Mississipi alligator records falls twice on the same weekend.

The pilot badger cull in the UK is proving more scary for the antis than the cullers. A local man who rides his bicycle to the pub, shouted at a couple of farm dogs that usually run out to chase him, causing a group of badger-cull protestors hiding in a nearby hedge to scream in fear. The cull itself is “proceeding to plan” and organisers are “pleased with progress to date“, according to the Government.

Fieldsports Channel’s destruction test on Zeiss binoculars have raised a few pounds for charity. After 39 bids the eBay auction winner paid $500 for a pair of $1,200 Conquest HD binos that emerged only slightly bruised after being thrown off highseats, dragged behind a car, drowned, shot at and blown up – see the film at – all the money will be donated to Safari Club International and their work for the world forum on shooting sports.

Staying with good deeds and generosity here is a shout out to the guys on the Stalking Directory forum. Member Brian Murphy of Lanarkshire was desperately in need of help to find the funds to build a downstairs bedroom for his 18 year old daughter Leigh who has cerebral palsy. Within hours of mentioning it to a fellow stalker, the lads on the forum had set up an auction to raise the cash. In all $8,000 was raised. Visit

The Mississippi alligator record was broken not once but twice during the opening weekend of the season. Beth Trammell of Madison and her team of five broke the previous record of 697lb 8oz early Saturday morning by reeling in one of 723lb 8oz. Her record was defeated two hours later by Dustin Bockman, another amateur who managed to wrangle in a 727lb male, his very first catch.

Antis in California have come up with an ingenious way of banning hunting. The California government is looking at banning all hunting with lead bullets, arguing that hunters could use lead alternatives. However, the Federal government has classed lead-alternative bullets as ‘armour piercing’ and has banned them. So no bullets – no hunting.

A gang caught poaching peacocks in India face between three and seven years in prison. In a midnight operation, a Forest Protection Squad arrested three people for poaching seven peacocks and three peahens at a village in the south of the country.

What do you do if you have an airport, a pest problem and you don’t like guns. An airport in Pennsylvania, USA, has solved the problem by allowing bow hunting on its 2,000-acre site. If you would like to apply, visit .

A match angler has broken the record for weight of fish caught in a single competition. Lee Kerry caught 513lb of carp in five hours, filling 13 keep nets at Worcestershire’s Cob House Fisheries. He had to put out so many keep nets, he had trouble finding anywhere to fish.

And finally, ever wondered what it must be like to be eaten by a bear? Here is some footage of a black bear in Northern Saskatchewan chewing up a GoPro camera. Thanks to Guy Baxendale for sending in the link,

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