Brad Thor: Denying Service Members Right to Be Armed On-Duty ‘Reprehensible’

Washington Navy Yard Shooting
Brad Thor: Denying Service Members Right to Be Armed On-Duty ‘Reprehensible'
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  Shortly after news of the shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington DC broke, author Brad Thor tweeted:

“Denying service members the right to be armed while on-duty is reprehensible. Wasn't the massacre at Ft. Hood enough?”

Thor is outraged over the fact that policies continue to prevent our service men and women from being armed and therefore from being able to defend their lives on military bases and installations around the country.

He is especially bothered by the refusal to face the truth about such military gun free zones even after the gut-wrenching experience at Ft. Hood in 2009.

So as President Obama mourns “yet another mass shooting” in America and television pundits politicize the shootings in hopes of passing even more gun control, Thor mourns the “gun free” policies themselves.

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  • 10 thoughts on “Brad Thor: Denying Service Members Right to Be Armed On-Duty ‘Reprehensible’

    1. “Gun free zone”=Target rich environment. Nobody seems to want to fix that. Most of these shootings have happened in gun free zones. Still nobody wants to fix the problem, just shout louder about taking away firearms from those that would and do obey the law. Which only creates more potential victims. Remember the the woman in a Texas Luby’s cafeteria who watched as her parents were murdered. She obeyed the sign on the cafeteria door making that business a “Gun free zone.” Her CCW firearm was left in her vehicle! Concealled carry means just that…You don’t talk about it, you don’t show it, it is just there should the need arise. You have to be alive to answer why you didn’t read the sign on the door.

    2. Guns not only can stop this type attack but is also a deterrent too. I doubt this man would have even considered this knowing 10 to 15% of te people are trained and armed.

    3. Our military are sitting ducks thanks to this gun free zone bravo sierra policy.

      This needs to change FAST. Nobody will know if that lady behind the desk is armed or not.
      How about that guy at the corner cubicle?

    4. The gun grabbing progressive b–t–ds love these maniacal shootings , the more lives lost the better , because it just keeps fueling their fight to eliminate the right to keep and bear arms for self defense of us ” peasants ” . In their opinion us ” rabble ” have no right to life , that is why they push abortion so hard .

    5. After reading the preceding comments I can only add my total agreement with everything they said.
      In addition, for our Military personnel to be forced to rely on civilian “guards” while on base is beyond ridiculous. Asinine is the word I would use.

    6. This guy was kicked out of the navy but was given a civilian job there. Someone has their head screwed on wrong. This was a grudge screwing waiting to happen. Didn’t anyone check his military records? It had bad guy written all over it. Now, of course, the gun grabbers want to blame the gun, again. There are two people who need to take responsibility for their actions here, the guy pulling the trigger and the ones that made the decision to let him back on base with a reward of a job, after being kicked out. That was some kind of stupid.

    7. Their “policies” continue to allow Americans to be slaughtered by one mentally disturbed person while at work or school. Why did this guy suffer from PTSD when he was never in combat???

    8. I could not agree with Thor more. This B.S. is absolutely INSANE. EVERY member of the armed forces is provided with at least rudimentary firearms instruction, and ALL undergo massive background checks; yet asinine policies based upon politically correct, emotionally driven supposition on the part of senior military staff, and UNPROVEN, anti-military MORONS, to include our DEVIOUS C.I.C., have already cost the lives of way to many American Patriots in uniform. This dumbassed policy was put in place under that other military genius, bed-hopping adulterer and alleged rapist, William Jefferson “B.J.” Clinton.

      I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, for the record: Democrats cannot, and MUST NOT be allowed to control the military (or anything else, for that matter) as they do NOT care about the safety, security, and SURVIVAL of the nation. PERIOD.

    9. Thor is a great American and author. The more mass shooting there are, the more excuses the regime has to take guns away from honest citizens.

    10. First,this shooter (the young black man) was kicked out of the Navy in 2011 for conduct issues,and now he had a security clearance at this base ? Active military needs to be armed on base ! Here we go again,armed guards at schools,and armed soldiers on military bases. Is it that damn difficult ?

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