Poll: Majority of Coloradans Oppose Gun Control Passed by Morse & Giron

A Whole bunch of people against John Morse
Poll: Majority of Coloradans Oppose Gun Control Passed by Morse & Giron
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-  A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows a clear majority of Coloradans oppose the gun laws passed by state senators John Morse (D-Colorado Springs) and Angela Giron (D-Pueblo).

By a margin of 54-40, Coloradans oppose the laws; 40 percent of respondents believe the laws make the state less safe.

Breaking down the numbers by party, Democrats support the laws 78-16 while Republicans oppose them 89-7. Independents oppose them 56-39.

By a margin of 68-25, voters say “background checks and a limit on magazine capacity could not have prevented the Columbine or Aurora mass shootings.” This is pertinent because Giron has cited the Columbine shooting as justification for her vote for more gun control.

The poll shows that the recall efforts are not popular statewide, which is not crucial at this point because the recalls are not statewide elections. The only Coloradans who will vote are those who can legally vote in Morse and Giron’s districts.

In Morse’s district, more people signed the petition for a recall election than actually voted for Morse in the last election.

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VT Patriot

The lib way to do things, “if I crashed my state with lib policies, I’ll move somewhere else and try again. And if it crashes that state, then I’ll try again. The unicorn said I’d get it right one of these days.”


All that CA scum in DC.Boxer,feinstein,pelosi etc.CA was backing up with jerry brown.

Clay Peters

@hopalong, I am a native Californian who also spends a great deal of time in your state, I am employed out of Tempe. I have an AZ concealed weapons permit. I plan on retiring in your beautiful state. Please don’t lump all of us Californian’s who support the 2nd amendment with the radicals who control Sacramento.


Arizona is next, I’am afraid. California’s get out of arizona.

Jim Shults

I did a lot of research on what happened to Colorado and interviewed many people including influential “law makers.” The key thing that happened to our state was and still is the huge influx of Californians who are running from their state due to the damage their “law makers” are doing. BUT the problem is these same Californians bring their liberal destructive politics with them and that viral disease spreads via the voting booth and infects other states-like Colorado. Washington, Nevada and Oregon were the first victims then Colorado and now Idaho, Utah, Arizona and soon Texas. Liberals cannot help… Read more »


I’m hoping that no matter how much money Dems want to contribute to the anti-gun crowd, the recall goes through and starts taking back their state from the Communist Liberals.