Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand

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Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand
Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand
Open Carry Texas
Open Carry Texas

Temple, TX –-( On October 19, 2013, Open Carry Texas will partner with, Texas Open Carry, Gun Rights Across America, and Come and Take It America to take back the rights that Chief McManus and his officers in the San Antonio Police Department are trying to take away from law-abiding Texans.

Over and over again, we have seen law abiding citizens exercising their rights to keep and bear arms according to Texas law get harassed, intimidated, and even cited for engaging in a lawful activity.

Open Carry Texas has reached out to Chief McManus, but he has refused to speak with us. Instead, he sent lower-ranking officers to tell us that we will be arrested for engaging in lawful activities involving open carry of longarms.

We can no longer stand in silence as the SAPD is allowed to get away with abuses of their authority under the color of law. They have been left unchecked for far too long.

On October 19, 2013, hundreds of armed patriots and law-abiding citizens will gather in the city and stand under weight of arms to declare:


We will stand as free men and women. Our right to keep and BEAR arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

“Stand your ground; don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!” ~Captain John Parker, Lexington Green, April 19, 1775


Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand
Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand
2A Mob Approved
2A Mob Approved

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20 thoughts on “Come And Take It San Antonio: Line In The Sand

  1. I am particularly heartened that there are young folks (anyone under 85) who have the courage of their convictions to put forth this effort. Thank you on my behalf.

  2. TJefferson obviously a female scaredy cat troll, we went in the thousands today in San Antonio and not one shot was fired and it was a fantastic day listening to incredible speakers, both men and women, who love and care about this country AND our Constitution and Bill of Rights. You need to go boat yourself over to the UK or walk on over to Mexico, so you can begin to appreciate this great country and it’s citizens RIGHTS. Citizens have died for you to have those rights and all you do is disrespect people doing their citizenship duties. Yeah, tell Hitler that you just want respect! You don’t the meaning of the word respect as you don’t have any for real Americans! JERK! SHAME ON YOU!

  3. To put it bluntly, the right of the people is to keep, and bear arms, including for military use. The right was the right of the people to keep and bear arms, to provide an effective check and civil control to the militia and army authority. The full purpose of that right was for self defense, state, and national defense, and it has been adjudicated in McDonald v. Chicago (2010) as an individual right, protected from state action, as well as being subject to the civil rights act of 1871. (title 18, section 242, title 42, section 1983) as both a civil wrong, and a felony criminal act to enforce any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom that deprives or causes the deprivation of that right for any person in any state, territory, district, or possession.

  4. I am SOO Happy I don’t live in San Antonio anymore. I also hope everyone attending with weapons is prosecuted for terrorism. Walking around with guns in public areas, how stupid can you be? I can only imagine something horrible coming out of this, like a shooting or an actual terrorist attack. This sounds like a martyrs paradise. It would only take something small, like the marathon bomb and all hell would break loose… Really, why can’t you gun lovers respect the rest of the world (the people who actually want PEACE and an end to violence)and keep your dangerous weapons back at your house.

  5. RC! It is Greek/Latin you dolt. Says ” Molon Labe….”Come and take them” Do a little web search before shooting off at the mouth. It just make you look stupid.

  6. Reason needs to put down his copy of the communist manifesto and try reading the constitution of these United States in its entirety,that includes all amendments,preamble ,etc. etc. plus grow up his childish potty mouth reflects a small intellects a small intellect those ,of of us who have stood for and fought for preservation of all rights in the constitution agree that exercising any one of them is non-negotiable they are the supreme law of the land., he is nothing more than a sleeper planted among us to aid the communist faction speed up their destroying our freedoms(a lowly terrorist wanna-be) oh and don’t forget also a parasite of freedom. Freedom we’ve fought hard for

  7. whadacrock – I hate to do you one better, but;

    “Reason”, I double dog dare you to tell me to my face that I’m not a “real man”. Want to meet in San Antonio?

  8. This tactic is grandstanding and foolish. What outcome do you expect? Stand your ground? This is NOT your ground … you are invading the City of San Antonio en masse. It is not 1775… you are not heroes or revolutionaries. You are itching for a fight – period. That is what you will prove. Unless someone is killed. Then you will prove that you are accessories to murder…

  9. Reason – It’s too bad criminals, terrorists and psychos don’t agree with you. Who the f*ck do you think you are, Mac Gyver? Moron.

  10. You gun fascists need a life. None of you morons should have a gun. Find another cure for your erection problems. Real men don’t need guns.

  11. “Stand your ground; don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here!” ~Captain John Parker, Lexington Green, April 19, 1775

    THIS…should be the theme and attitude of everyone who attends. I live in San Antonio and I DO plan on being there.

  12. Gathering with rifles is 100% constitutional.The SAPD who you say is so pro-second amendment damn sure knows that.The police would be breaking the law if they attempt anything stupid.


  14. Let’s hope & pray that this battle at the Alamo has a much better outcome. Once again, the little mission is a symbol of freedom. Go Texas!!!!!

  15. I will do my damnedest to be there! I didn’t wear my country’s uniform for 2 decades tyrants such as this can s&*t all over our Constitution and our RIGHTS!

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