Contact The CA Governor & Urge Him To Veto These Key Anti-Gun & Anti-Hunting Bills


California Rifle and Pistol Association
California Rifle and Pistol Association

Sacramento, CA –-( IS RUNNING OUT! The Legislature wrapped up their business on all bills for 2013 on September 12.

The below-listed bills will be in the Governor’s hands soon and could be signed any day. These bills present a serious threat to firearms owners, shooters, and sportsmen.

TAKE ACTION NOW! Your opinion matters and the power in numbers of the CRPA membership can make a difference! Take your final opportunity to voice your support or opposition directly to the Governor. Don’t delay! Take action now and let the Governor hear your voice! Contact information for the Governor’s office is included at the end of this alert. Don’t forget to spread the word to fellow firearms owners and sportsmen; share this alert with anyone who can help.


  • URGE A VETO ON AB 48 (Nancy Skinner, D) Firearms: large-capacity magazines. Proposes to ban high-capacity magazines and kits that hold more than 10 rounds. This bill is now linked to SB 396.
  • URGE A VETO ON AB 169 (Roger Dickinson, D) Unsafe handguns. The bill would limit individuals to selling/consigning a maximum of two used handguns per calendar year.
  • URGE A VETO ON AB 180 (Rob Bonta, D) Registration and licensing of firearms: City of Oakland. Proposes to allow the City of Oakland, through an ordinance, to circumvent state preemption of firearms laws.
  • URGE A VETO ON AB 231 (Phillip Y. Ting, D) Firearms: criminal storage. Proposes to make it a crime for a firearms owner to store a loaded firearm in a place where a child is likely to gain access.
  • URGE A VETO ON AB 711 (Anthony Rendon, D) Hunting: nonlead ammunition. Proposes to require the use of nonlead ammunition for the taking of all wildlife with a firearm.
  • URGE A VETO ON AB 1213 (Richard Bloom, D) Bobcat Protection Act of 2013. Proposes to establish a no-trapping zone around Joshua Tree National Park, as well as other areas to be specified by the Fish and Game Commission.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 299 (Mark DeSaulnier, D) Firearms: lost or stolen: reports. Proposes to require reporting a lost or stolen firearm to local law enforcement within 7 days from when the owner knew or reasonably should have known the firearm was lost or stolen.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 374 (Darrell Steinberg, D) Firearms: assault weapons. Proposes to ban the sale of centerfire semi-auto rifles with any detachable magazine and rifles with fixed or tubular magazines over 10 rounds.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 475 (Mark Leno, D) Agricultural District 1-A: firearm sales at the Cow Palace. Proposes to allow the County of San Mateo and County and the City of San Francisco to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace facility.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 567 (Hannah-Beth Jackson, D) Firearms: shotguns. Proposes to revise the definition of a shotgun to delete the requirement that it be intended to be fired from the shoulder, and would clarify that the projectile may be fired through either a rifled bore or a smooth bore.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 683 (Marty Block, D) Firearms: firearm safety certificate. Proposes to require any person receiving a firearm to possess a valid firearms safety certificate, excluding licensed hunters purchasing rifles and shotguns.
  • URGE A VETO ON SB 755 (Lois Wolk, D) Firearms: prohibited persons. Proposes to expand the list of misdemeanor convictions prohibiting firearms possession.


Please contact Governor Jerry Brown at (916) 445-2841 or Fax (916) 558-3160, or contact him through his website here.

Note: Some of these bills may not yet have been added to the Governor’s website, so please keep up the phone calls on these until they appear.

Mailing address:
Governor Jerry Brown,
c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173,
Sacramento, CA 95814

Important Note: On the Governor’s email page; be sure to scroll down and select the appropriate bill number under the “Please Choose Your Subject” tab. After you press continue you will be able to write your email. At the top of this page will be a Pro or Con stance, be sure to mark you stance!

Take action now and let the Governor hear your voice!

Don’t forget to spread the word to fellow firearms owners and sportsmen; SHARE THIS ALERT with anyone who can help our cause.

Protect your rights!

The California Rifle and Pistol Association “CRPA,” founded in 1875, is dedicated to defending the rights of law-abiding citizens to responsibly use firearms for self-defense and the defense of their loved ones, for sport, and for all other legal activities. CRPA is the official state association of the National Rifle Association. A California non-profit association, CRPA is independently directed by its own Board of Directors. CRPA’s members include law enforcement officers, prosecutors, professionals, firearm experts, the general public, and loving parents. CRPA has always worked to reduce the criminal misuse of firearms and firearms accidents, while actively promoting and organizing the competitive shooting sports and Olympic training programs in California. We are proud to say that many CRPA competitors are among the best in the world. Visit:

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Bert Hartmann

Today I swung my front door wide open and placed my Remington 870 ( it’s a shot-gun) right in the doorway. I gave it 6 shells, then left it alone and went about my business. 
 While I was gone, the mailman delivered my mail, the neighbor boy across 
the street mowed the yard, a girl walked her dog down the street, and 
quite a few cars stopped at the stop sign near the front of our house.
 After several hours, I checked on the gun. It was still sitting there, 
right where I had left it. It… Read more »

John Ruccione

All the feel good legislation has not kept guns from criminals, only law abiding citizens.
Complete lack of understanding as to addressing the real social problems.


WHAT A LOAD OF SHTARO!! THIS IS!! Every GD gun I own accept a cpl would be banned!! WTF!! Why would my bolt action 22 ” takes a tetachable magazine” banned?? My Tubular fed 22 which hold 15 or 16 rounds banned?? Who is christs earth ever robbed a store with a .22 cal which is a target plinker! My ruger 10/22 take detachable 10 or 25-30 rd mags buts banned even if u just use a 10 rd! ? Plus they wanna ban “kits” that take detachable mags?? And ban gun show?? Neddddd i go on??? IS THIS EVEN… Read more »


Brown is just a POS and is the same loser he was the first time he screwed California as Gov. California needs to learn from them recalls in Colorado and have this liberal douche bag trash thrown out.


With the full frontal assault on our constitutional rights to bear arms in almost every state, could this be the beginning of an “American” spring? Just like the Muslims do? What good is the constitution if every state bans them? Is it time to rise up and move to the next level as our opponent appear to be going? Is it time to make it hurt a little? Just sayin.


please stop taking our rights to bear arms