Crime Drops, Media Yawns

PHOENIX, AZ –-( The lamestream media told you:

We have crime in the streets. Blacks are murdering other blacks in huge numbers in their own neighborhoods. There was a shooting in a town 1,000 miles away from where you live today, read all about it. Gun crime is a national problem. A mentally ill person killed some other person today, somewhere. Congress refuses to enact more gun laws. The NRA is defying all logic and preventing anything good from getting done. 92% of all Americans support a bill proposed by Nancy Pelosi, which must be true, since she mailed this fact to millions of people in a fund-raising letter. Nothing good with guns happened all year.

The Uninvited Ombudsman notes however that:

Americans Unaware Of Dramatic Drop: The U.S. Dept. of Justice and Pew Research Center have issued studies confirming that crime involving firearms, as well as violent crime in general, has dropped dramatically in the last two decades, even as the nation’s population and firearms ownership has increased.

Yet, the American public believes crime is rising. Only 12% of Americans surveyed correctly replied that crime has been significantly reduced in the last 20 years, as opposed to 56% who thought it was higher.

If you think the media’s constant drumbeat has no effect you’re a fool. Failure to accurately report what’s going on manipulates the public and harms the nation.

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Neil Wampler

Yes,Russ and Phil,It is amazing.A good one third of the people I talk to flat out don’t want to talk about “vexing” issues-embarassed by their ignorance I guess. Then there’s the gun owner who shrugs his shoulders when informed about the latest gun grab campaign-“I can’t do nuttin”.Or the fella who listens to Mark Levin, Krisanne Hall etc and has a library of constitutional studies.Become active himself? OH NO! I don’t do that kind of thing.


Russ, that seems to be the norm.
I walk a block to hit the local bar from time to time, bring up something and no one has ever heard the news.

They must be too dumb to read it, in fact they admit they don’t read the papers or internet news!

They are so wrapped up in sports and sports betting, they have no idea what is going on in the world around them.


It’s amazing how uninformed a lot of people are. Sometimes I talk to guys at work about current events and they just don’t have a clue, especially the younger ones. So many guys hunt and/or have guns, but just don’t have the facts about gun control, liberal media, etc. It’s frustrating and scary.


Media obfuscates, more like.