Gallows Predator Caller from Hunter’s Specialties

Johnny Stewart Gallows Predator Call from Hunter’s Specialties
Johnny Stewart Gallows Predator Call from Hunter’s Specialties

Quality ****

Reliability ***

Price/Value ***

Referability ****

Average Score-3.5 stars out of 5

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Must Have Outdoors
Must Have Outdoors

Elsberry, MO –-( Predator hunting has definitely gained some extreme popularity over the past few years.

With a slew of predator hunting TV shows out there hunters are seeing how much fun predator hunting can be.

One of the pioneers of the predator calling industry is Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls. Known for the quality of callers and sounds, Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls are a favorite among many hunters. Hunter’s Specialties recently rolled out four new Johnny Stewart Predator Callers that have lots of features that hunters will like.  This past year I had the pleasure of using the new Gallows from Hunter’s Specialties.

The Gallows caller ( ) is a one piece caller made out of an impact resistant polymer. In my opinion the caller looks a little awkward at first glance but the design is to allow for easier function. The caller has a carry handle to take the Gallows into the field.  The caller also comes with a carry strap that can be attached to the caller for hands free carrying and has a pouch for the remote. The carry strap is also strong enough to hang the caller for a more elevated sound.

I think the best feature of the Gallows is that it is pre loaded with 75 original Johnny Stewart sounds. It basically has almost any type of call you would probably need.  If you need more sounds you can download those from the Hunter’s Specialties website.  The Gallows caller also features three calling modes: Standard, which plays sounds precisely as recorded; Sound Shuffle, which randomly shuffles sound segments of the original loop and Custom, which plays calls in a sequence designed and programmed by the user. Two Sounds can also be played at once for a unique sound. With all of the sounds and playback options it really makes the Gallows a diverse caller for any hunting situation.

The remote is a nice size and is easy to operate while hunting. It features an LCD screen and you can adjust the brightness level. The remote has a 300 yard range, 12 presets, 16 quiet soft keys with touch registers and is easy to use while wearing gloves. The base unit comes with a full set of controls and can be operated without the remote.

The Gallows has a large sized speaker that produces clear sounds. I did notice on the highest volume setting the sound was a little distorted but was far louder than I would ever use when calling predators. The speaker bell also rotates and the Gallows has an adjustable sound to change the angle of the caller.  I used the Gallows a lot during our Spring Snow Goose season and the adjustable stand allowed me to direct the sound in a more upward position.

The Gallows has a built in GPS that allows you to mark 16 recordable waypoints. For those of you that like to travel a lot for predator hunting, this allows you to mark your favorite calling stand locations and return to them year after year.

On the sides of the Gallows Caller there is an auxiliary port and a speaker port. The auxiliary port lets you turn on and off self-powered decoys with the remote. If you need more sound or spread out sound when Snow Goose hunting, the speaker port allows you to add more speakers. The Gallows does not let you hook up an MP3 player to the unit and use it as a speaker.

The Gallows uses C batteries or comes with adapters to use AA batteries. I don’t keep a bunch of C batteries around the house so I just use the AA size. The batteries weren’t very easy to put in the unit, but the caller has decent battery life so you won’t have to change them all the time. The remote uses a rechargeable battery that you can charge up using the included wall or car charger.

After a season of using the Gallows there are several things that I really like. The one piece carry caller handle and strap makes it easy to pack into the woods or corn field. The Gallows has a nice variety of quality sounds. I really liked the remote and that you can load your favorite sounds into one of the presets making it easy to use. The Gallows is a well made caller with a lot of features, maybe more features than you might need, and at about $550.00 it’s not a caller for everyone but is definitely one that serious predator hunters will love.

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Quality:  After using it a season I haven’t had any quality issues yet with the Gallows that I have. As with most electronics some people won’t have any problems and some will.

Reliability:  The Gallows works great in cold conditions.  The caller is not waterproof though.

Price/Value: It’s definitely not a cheap caller, but it comes with a ton of features and is loaded with 75 Johnny Stewart sounds.

Referability:  If you are needing a high end predator caller with lots of features, check out the Gallows Johnny Stewart Predator Caller from Hunter’s Specialties.