Gun-Free Zones: Mass Shootings Waiting to Happen

No Guns Allowed
Gun-Free Zones: Mass Shootings Waiting to Happen
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AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  If the heinous attacks at Fort Hood, the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook Elementary, and the DC Navy Yard have taught us anything, it is that gun-free zones are mass shootings waiting to happen.

In truth, the common link between these four attacks was not the firearm used but the fact that the victims were compulsorily disarmed and therefore unable to defend themselves.

Via such gun-free zones, military commanders, lawmakers, and independent school districts create an environment that invites criminals to ply their wicked trade.

This is just one more reason why Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was so wrong when she reacted to the September 16 Navy Yard shooting by asking, “When will enough be enough?” Her intimation was that there has been enough bloodshed and it is finally time for more gun control.

However, it is not time for more gun control. Rather, it is time for school districts, military commanders, and lawmakers like Feinstein to cease forcing law-abiding citizens to remain unarmed like sitting ducks.

We live in America and we have the 2nd Amendment. We should be practicing how to use guns to defend our lives and the lives of our loved ones rather than practicing how to flee, “shelter in place,” or hide in fear until the police can find and protect us.

Perhaps author Brad Thor put it best when he tweeted: “Gun free zones are open invitations to lunatics, which guarantee zero resistance & unlimited victims until police arrive.”

When will enough be enough with gun-free zones? When will Feinstein and others realize such zones are just mass shootings waiting to happen?

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Bill Butler

“Concealled Carry means just that. You don’t show it, you don’t talk about it, You just do it and “Refuse to be a Victim.” If you chose to join the fish in the barrel, be the fish with teeth.

Bob Shell

It seems that all of these mass shootings have 2 things in common. First the shooter has a history of mental illness and they happen in gun free zones. My question is who is more insane. The shooter or the blithering idiots who set up these gun free zones.


We could stand to learn from the Israelis…In todays world the idea to disarm people or hinder their efforts in procuring a firearm is ludicrous…Our world is becomeing more dangerous and has been done in Israel people need to start arming themselves against those who would commit harm against us!


I don’t like other people telling me what to do. I don’t need anyone to decide what is best for me. I can think for myself and I can defend myself and my own, NOW,not in 3-5 minutes after the start of a violent incident. I’m not a criminal. Dont treat me like one.


Consider the four planes that were crashed by terrorists on 9/11/2001 – three contained passengers that basically followed the lockdown mantra – hide your face and do whatever somebody tells you. Do not resist the attacker(s). The result of the lockdown/hide and wait to be rescued policy was death of passengers in three airplanes AND the death of thousands of others on the ground. One airplane contained some passengers who did not hide and wait to be rescued. They did not implement the lockdown and hide policy. That one plane contained enough MEN with enough guts to fight back and… Read more »


Do these morons that go into gun free zones get a sense of security ? How misguided. Just the opposite is true, but these elitists like the little feinstein have their bodyguards with em so I dont guess they care.

Rob Davis

Look to the wisdom of our founding fathers.

Rob Davis

Feinstein either has an irrational fear of guns, or she is a wannabe tyrant. Defend yourself and your family first, and other law-abiding citizens as well… no government has the right to take that from you!

Rob Davis

If you let responsible people carry guns around everywhere, these kinds of mass shootings won’t happen. Ever.

Eliminate “Gun Free Zones”. They are the ultimate fish in a barrel to any psycho, criminal, or terrorist.

“Gun Control” only results in Death.

Rob Davis

What, use common sense?! How dare we!?