Gun Owners Turn Ohio Gun-Control Rally into PRO NRA Rally

Gun Owners Overtake Anti Gun Rally
Gun Owners Overtake Anti Gun Rally
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(  As all six members of Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group rallied for more gun laws on August 30th 2013, about 50 gun rights supporters hijacked the event and said that there are enough gun laws already.

According to, the Columbus, Ohio rally was hosted by members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns but ended up looking “more like an NRA rally.”

When organizer Blanche Luczyk took to the mic and tried to claim Ronald Reagan would support more background checks she was met with shouts of “Germany 1933” and “Hitler.” (Earlier this year, Breitbart News did a report on Ronald Reagan and background checks–those who claim he would have supported Senator Joe Manchin’s gun control scheme are badly mistaken.)

Gun rights advocates in attendance had “rifles over their shoulders and others [had] handguns in hip holsters.”

And while Luczyk said she was disappointed in Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) for not supporting Manchin’s gun control legislation earlier this year, gun rights advocate Charles Roberts was not. Roberts said, “We need to go after criminals who commit crimes with guns and not the honest law abiding citizens.”

Roberts said he attended the rally to show his support for “the NRA, gun rights, and the Second Amendment.”

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8 years ago

That gungrabbing old lady didnt get a word in sideways ! Too funny,just too funny !