New Study Finds Few Gun-Related Arrests in Fairfax County, Virginia

Gun-Related Arrests in Fairfax County, Virginia
Gun-Related Arrests in Fairfax County, Virginia
Vincenzes Law
Vincenzes Law

Fairfax County, Virginia –-( Virginians everywhere ought to be proud of the most recent data analysis performed by one industrious Fairfax criminal lawyer and his team of researchers and legal analysts.

Vincenzes Law, PLLC, a Northern Virginia-serving defense firm set out to determine the relevant frequency of various criminal arrests in the most populated county within the Commonwealth of Virginia: Fairfax County, Virginia.

While the study reveals numerous interesting trends, the results thus far paint an encouraging picture for those who support gun rights.

Before reviewing the data as illustrated and conveyed by the infographic, ( )it should be noted that this is an ongoing study, and future periods of arrests will be collectively added as time passes (with more infographics to come, according to the study’s author). Juvenile arrests were not included, as such data is not publicly released in Fairfax County, nor can juveniles possess firearms.

Gun-Related Arrests in Fairfax County Virginia Infographic Thumb
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Generally speaking, violent crimes involving weapons are rare. In a span of about 3 months, 217 different laws and local ordinances were allegedly violated, resulting in 1,738 arrests. The arrests were classified into 18 different criminal offense categories. The data, collected from publicly released arrest records from the Fairfax County Police, comes from the Summer of 2013.

Assault and domestic violence far surpassed the numbers of arrests related to offenses involving weapons. Robberies involving guns accounted for just 6 out of the 1,738 charges (or, .003%): about one half of one half of one percent. Other points worth mentioning include the relative low numbers of drug-related offenses not involving Cannabis, and the relatively high number of arrests for driving-related offenses, including the notorious reckless driving Class 1 misdemeanor (which is punished rather harshly, compared to other states’ maximum penalties for their own versions of the offense).

The researchers and analysts behind the study point out that the time period (roughly 3 months) should not be the focus, but rather, the relative frequency of certain offenses as compared to others during the same relative period.

Gun rights advocates should be happy with these results; given the fact that Virginia has traditionally been viewed as a lenient state as far as gun rights are concerned (at least, compared to other states), and those lenient laws do not appear to be contributing to more gun-related violence when compared to other areas of the country. Fairfax criminal defense attorney, Brenton D. Vincenzes, the leader of the team behind the analysis, has vowed to continue publishing these infographics ( ) several times per year, with an annual infographic to collectively analyze an entire year’s worth of data coming in January, 2014. We look forward to it.

Published by permission:, Original Source Published September 21, 2013

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