Calls For Immediate Dismissal Of KU Professor David Guth After Wishing Death on NRA Children

Calls For Immediate Dismissal Of KU Professor David Guth After Wishing Death on NRA Children
Calls For Immediate Dismissal Of KU Professor David Guth After Wishing Death on NRA Children
Kansas State Rifle Association
Kansas State Rifle Association

Bonner Springs, KS –-( It has come to our attention via an article in the Campus Reform that KU Journalism Professor David Guth turned to Twitter on Monday to suggest he would like to see the murder of children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members at the hands of a deranged gunman.

The article reports that KU Associate Professor David Guth was questioned about the tweet and is quoted as saying “”Hell no, hell no, I do not regret that Tweet, I don’t take it back one bit.”

He echoed the same egregious sentiments on his personal blog called Snapping Turtle.

Kansas State Rifle Association President, Patricia Stoneking said, “The KSRA will do everything possible to see to the removal of this man. He should be fired immediately. His statements are outrageous!” She went on to say, “Is this who you want teaching your children? I certainly do not want him teaching mine!”

President Stoneking continued to say, “Any person with such a vile and contemptuous attitude who has influence over our children as a professor does, should be immediately fired.”

The Kansas State Rifle Association is outraged by this. President Stoneking said, “I expect that the Kansas Board of Regents, who I believe to be reasonable people, would act on this immediately.”

The KSRA believes in the First Amendment right to free speech but holds grave concern about what he may be teaching his students and that this type of rhetoric could influence a mentally unstable individual and become a catalyst to cause someone to champion Professor Guth’s cause.

President Stoneking said, “its one thing to engage in thoughtful dialogue and speak against something but it is quite another to incite violence.”

She continued by saying, “This professor has obviously forgotten that it is human beings that commit crimes. Guns are inanimate objects and only human intervention causes them to be used in a criminal manner.”

The Kansas State Rifle Association has one purpose. To promote and strive for the improvement and protection of the firearms and sport shooting industry and protection of second amendment principals by encouraging and stimulating well-qualified individual citizens to run for public office and to take a more active and effective part in governmental affairs. Visit:

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Professor, you should be ashamed of yourself!! How dare you. By what right do you call for the death of my children. You are beyond contempt and are a disgrace not only to educators but to the human race.


What a pathetic ploy for attenti


So these comments are appropriate???? The liberals always have a double standard of hyprocacy. Fire this deranged person , Immediately for the sake of the kids. I for one would be afraid he would be yet another shooter with thoughts like that.


This jerk is another Liberal POS from Kansas. Maybe we’d like to see his kids shot for his mindless comments, Communist Bastard! Chicago Bob!


People like this clown should be asked to leave the country, we dont need them at all


Some individuals are not intimidated by name calling or thinly-veiled threats of violence from ANY of you, on either side of the gun issue. I suppose you’ll say that this means I’m not patriotic. Whatever.


Blood is REALLY on the hands of liberal idiots like these that thing a “Gun Free zone” will be anything but an open invitation to a slaughter!
Stupid hopliphobes!

Bill Baker

As durabo points out this man was exercising his First Amendment rights. The First Amendment stops the government from doing anything about his speech, it is however within everyone else’s First Amendment rights to give the college so much crap about it that they fire him.


Guth is exercising his First Amendment rights, as slimy as they may be. However, I hope he is set upon by street thugs and gutted like a fish with an “assault” knife ((How’s THAT for my right to express myself?)

joan ryder



Guth is a legend in his own mind! He may have a big college degree, but he has a very small mind. It’s sheeple like him that are promoting these “GUN FREE ZONES”. Gun free zones are open invitations to nut cases to just walk in and start shooting unarmed people, It just goes to show how ignorant the libturds are! This guy is a joke!


In response to the gentleman who suggested that the professor enjoy a happy retirement with his children and grandchildren. I hope not this man should not breed, here’s a gene pool that should be chlorinated.

Rob Davis

David Guth – may God damn you for your ignorance and stupidity.

You are more to blame for mass shootings than anyone but the shooter, because you support citizen disarmament, making the victims unable to defend themselves.

Damn you to hell for eternity!!!

Rob Davis

There, I said it. The professor and his Liberal associates are truly to blame. Professor, the blood of every victim of mass shootings is on YOUR HANDS, because you vote to disarm the public instead of letting them defend themselves.



I have always found great irony in those who assail the Second Amendment attempting to hide behind the First. Freedom of speech does not guarantee you a job, Professor. You can spew your hateful rhetoric from the unemployment line, where you liberal have forced so many other Americans to congregate.

Rob Davis

How is that moron qualified to teach anything? If ANYONE is to blame for the navy yard shootings (besides the shooter), it is Liberals and their citizen disarmament policy!!!

If Bill Clinton hadn’t signed that ASININE law keeping weapons out of the hands of our trained soldiers, they could have just shot back.

Blame gun-free zones (the real culprit) – not the NRA – you mouth-breathing halfwit!


Have you ever noticed that it is the ones without guns who threaten the ones with guns. Guess who is going to come out the winner of that. Just like I had one to tell me he was going to come to my house. I told him to go ahead and make my day. I never saw him on again, or the coward changed his name. These people know how to run their mouths but run when faced with real violence, just like they will run when their families are threatened, leaving them to the criminals.


Forget it, Jake; it’s Kansas.


Sounds like this professor has swallowed the hook that guns are what’s causing all the crime, I guess he also knows that it the forks that are making people eat so much as well ha ha ha. This guy needs to be removed from his position of teaching our kids, he is going to cause someone to go off and get people hurt.

Leo Smith

I’m Tired of all these IGNORANT people who blame guns for the Mental Health Issues in this country. They can’t grasp the concept that the Mentally Unstable people are the problem. Maybe that is because they are all UNSTABLE also.


This so-called intellectual is even nuttier than the deranged crazy shooters.
He needs professional help, inpatient. His mental health is now known.
Plus, he’s an obvious arrogant ass.


Not one more child, or one more adult ! I’am sorry some people, fall for the politicians lies. I’am glad we have the 2th amendment. Its there for a reason. live with it.

Ricky Rupp

One such ignorant person. This idiot MUST be relieved of any chance that the person could influence any person at all with this type of narrow minded thinking.


Thank God for the NRA ! Can you imagine,..well,can you imagine if there was no NRA to fight for our constitutional freedoms of self defense ? TEX

Darwin Smith

Ever notice how these people are preaching violence and hatred when they’re the ones who are supposedly tolerant? I wish him a wonderful retirement, and a long, happy life with his grandchildren, should he have any. And I pray his retirement starts soon.


liberal scum !


I sent an email to KU also to complain and told them he should be removed and banned from ever teaching again. He is a disgrace to his profession, to academics and to Kansas.